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Hey guys,

I was just wondering, shouldn't the headlines section be part of the homepage, and listed in the same way ''Games'', ''Forum'', ''Reviews'' and so on are listed?

Or does the website simply not specialize in news reporting? After all, I noticed some news is missing. For instance, the May 17 news about Resident Evil 7 being unveiled at E3 2016 and being more focused on horror than recent titles, hasn't yet been reported on here. Just wanted to give a heads-up about that RE7 news anyway.

( Edited 30.10.2017 02:39 by Guest )

We don't have the news reporters that we used to have. Most staff prefer to do reviews than help on news, and it's meant reduced news over the years. It's even less right now because our main news guys, Jorge, is also the admin of the site and is currently busy working on building the new version of the site. We've asked people to step up to help on news in his absence, but it's not happened, unfortunately.

If you think you can help us do some news, Leo, please email me.

( Edited 30.10.2017 02:39 by Guest )

Leo Epema, Good note, I support

( Edited 30.10.2017 02:39 by Guest )

You have suggested a very interesting idea here

( Edited 24.07.2017 05:53 by lawrencepaul )

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