Nintendo 3DS Direct 9.1.2016 [Wow!]

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( Edited 12.12.2016 17:31 by Guest )

Our member of the week

Caught off guard by Pikmin. I really didn't expect that to be announced, now of all times. People are saying NX, released early next year is just a handheld that connects to a TV? It seems like it's not coming to replace the 3DS at any rate. Lots of content still on the way for it, more than I would have thought.

( Edited 12.12.2016 17:31 by Guest )

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

How many Wii U to 3DS ports is that now? It's more of an indication than ever about the direction the NX is heading. I guess if it means Nintendo's devs can feel like their hard work is not being wasted by bringing them to more people on the more popular hardware, it's a good thing.

I am very excited about Mario Sports Superstars. Best announcement of the Direct. Footie, tennis, baseball, golf - excellent! Horse racing? wtf lol. Online play makes me really tempted by it.

Not much else that had me excited. Rhythm Paradise is nice. Pikmin is cool I guess, but looks simple/slow. Skyward Sword still sucks, and the teasing of the 30th Zelda anniversary only to announce more plastic toys frustrated me. I guess for fans of Pokemon, Animal Crossing and people that don't own a Wii U, there's some great stuff on the horizon for 3DS.

For me, NX reveal can't come soon enough now.

( Edited 12.12.2016 17:31 by Guest )

It was about what I expected, mostly. There was a few neat surprises, like the Mario Sports game and the new Pikmin sidescroller. The Wii U ports might have a chance to sell better on the 3DS, due to it's much larger install base and I assume that's why Nintendo has ported them over. As for NX versions, all that stuff about it being a handheld hybrid is all just rumour still. I personally don't even believe any of it (especially not in the way some of the rumours claim, like the detachable controllers) 

I'm interested in the Mario Sports game, mainly because of the online. I can see myself enjoying it, I really liked Mario Strikers and the horse racing looks fun! Rhythm Tengoku Megamix is one I'll probably be picking up, I love those games and glad to hear it will include Europe and Japanese versions of the songs. Nintendo Europe are great when it comes to that, they also did it with Fever on Wii.

Also Poochy Amiibo! Got to get myself one of those. 

NX news can't come soon enough though. I'm so tired of hearing rumours everyday, I just want to know what NX is offcially from Nintendo and see what they have planned in terms of games for the system. 

( Edited 12.12.2016 17:31 by Guest )

Today was a nice Direct with some unexpected surprises of new games that I now plan to get like the Mii Plaza Games, Mario Sports Superstars, and Pikmin

and of course Zelda and Poochy amiibo!

As for the Direct itself, it's interesting seeing the different versions between regions. While the content is pretty much the same, the style is very different. Europe's was pretty straight forward with the NOE President doing everything himself whereas the US version featured Reggie, Bill, and several Treehousers as well as a subplot involving Bill taking Reggie's 3DS (and donuts) before accidentally being shipped off in a crate to Easter Island.

( Edited 12.12.2016 17:31 by Guest )

I don't know why they do things so different in the US Directs. I know it's all a bit of fun and games, but I much prefer the straight-to-the-point show and tell of the NOE Directs. I always just skip the games I'm not interested in anyway, so it's easy to see what points to jump to in the simple NOE format.

( Edited 12.12.2016 17:31 by Guest )

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