Lost Odyssey free for Xbox 360 & Xbox One owners

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Lost Odyssey is a fantastic JRPG in the vein of 90s era Final Fantasy. You'll have to link a payment option to your Xbox Live account (if you haven't already) to download the game, but that isn't too much of a hurdle (just use paypal). As far as I can tell it's US-only, but it's pretty easy to make accounts for different regions (I have US, JPN, and EUR accounts).

Looking forward to replaying the game on my X1. From what I've heard, the frame-rate is much more stable, there's no screen-tearing, and there's a number of other improvements.

Grab your digital copy before the end of the month.

Sadly one RPG I've never had the opportunity to play, having never owned an Xbox console. Maybe one day.

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