3d printed video game console?

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Well it's definitely a little late now but this Christmas (2017), I wouldn't mind making my own custom video game console. I mean if it's true, I would love to get more 3d printing information.

Sure looks like it is:

Has anyone tried using this? (Console or technology). 

They even have design files that you can use like this one: 

Any 3d printing enthusiasts here? If it's cheap, I would love to give it a shot. 

( Edited 19.11.2017 06:29 by Eric LeClair )

I guess if you had the money for one, you could even print your own controllers or something. Though I guess you need the wires and stuff too. Would it even be cheaper than buying a controller then? Likely not.

Hey Azuardo, thanks for your reply.

Yeah it would be cheaper today but I wonder if in the future (Like 30 years or so), we might making our own stuff with this technology. I'll be 3d printing a Sega Megadrive (Not a Genesis Smilie ) - As long as I don't need a degree in calculus,


I think I'll be fine.  

( Edited 31.10.2017 12:28 by Eric LeClair )

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