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I've added some people in the suggested friends, but if anyone hasn't got me, here's my friend code:

3436 5795 3205

Please let me know in here if you add me. I am unlikely to add randoms I don't know.

Others feel free to share yours here.

( Edited 07.03.2017 21:01 by Azuardo )

Hey guys I've switched! I'm playing Zelda,bomberman, fast rmx and snipperclips. My fc is SW 5101 3662 1249 feel free to add me

 Mine is  6847 6610 0993

Anyone called "Spawnrider" here? Had him/her add me with my FC, but this is the only place I've posted it. Lemme know who you are please Smilie

( Edited 07.03.2017 21:01 by Azuardo )

That's the problem with random usernames, sadly. Anyone that's added me is from Super Mario Run, Miitomo, or Fire Emblem Heroes...and even then, because a few of those from SMR were randoms I follow on Twitter, I'm still a bit puzzled as to who certain 'friends' are!

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adding those posted here.  mine is 3706-3889-1777

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