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Now the Switch is out, I have to admit I'm irritated by the lack of content on the eShop and in general. I get that there's a strategy in play for Nintendo, but recently I've been thinking about so many great little titles (particularly from Steam) that would suit the Switch down to the ground.
It got me thinking - what games do you think are ideal for the Switch?
I'll start.
I was introduced to this by family a while back and its an excellent little indie game on PC (I'm reviewing it currently) - it's a simple top-down game where you control a chef (or two) - washing dishes, chopping ingredients, cooking and managing various elements. It's assessable from the off and a fantastic two-player game to use with the Joycon.
Goat Simulator
This just strikes me as the sort of game I always imagined the Switch would have in abundance at launch. Old, relatively simple and self-contained indies which have long since flourished on Steam. If the system is so straightforward to develop for, why haven't these things started to pop up? And furthermore, where are the announcements?
Sonic R
What's with the lack of retro games on the eShop? Again, I imagined loads of Nintendo's close allies, like SEGA, to be piling the store with appealing content that hasn't already been over-sold in downloadable form. For me Sonic R would fit the bill, it's not a mega-drive era game that's been resold hundreds of times, and its actually hard to come by for PC and other current platforms.
Trials HD
A hugely popular XBL and PSN title, again perfect for the Switch. Where are these types of games? Will they ever make it? Release it on the eShop or as a full priced game (if it has all the DLC and online features) and surely it'd be a big success.

In addition to games you think suit the Switch. Are you satisfied with the content available for the system thus far? Is anyone else a little concerned about the lack of of range for downloadable content? Or do you feel it will come in time? 

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Tom Barry [ Reviewer - Editor - Resident Sim-Racer @ ] 

Overcooked is actually confirmed! Smilie It will include all the DLC with it, too! Should be coming out sometime soon, from what I gather.

I'd be very tempted to double-dip on Overwatch if it came to the Switch. A portable version would be pretty amazing. I don't know how much they would need to limit the visuals, but that game still looks pretty good even on lowest settings on PC, because of it's great art style. So I imagine they could get it running with some tweaking.

A lot of indie games would fit Switch perfectly, so I'm glad Nintendo is working closely with a lot of indie developers to bring their games to Switch.

As for games, there's plenty to come. I don't think there's a need to worry about that. E3 will be coming up in 3 months, so I'm sure we'll be seeing more stuff announced then from Nintendo. If you hadn't seen it yet, Strat, I'd recommend watching the Indie Direct, they showed a lot of awesome games on the way.


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Ah great! I couldn't remember if I clocked Overcooked was confirmed, I definitely did watch that showcase but must have been glancing over it! That'll be a really fun one. Smilie
Just watching the showcase again to refresh my memory.
I guess what I'm mostly lamenting is the lack of titles for the here and now. As well as what look like to me, a surprising lack of old (kind of out-dated) but popular games that could easily translate to the Switch quickly - in other words for this launch window. That's why Goat Simulator and Trials came to mind. I am certainly surprised more developers didn't show enthusiasm to have these types of projects ready for the launch window.
Maybe Nintendo never gave them that access or possibility, I'll admit, I don't know much about how these things work. But that highlight reel to me is the eShop and indie-focus; whereas I'm surprised some of these Steam-successful small games haven't come along and been billed as full game releases on the Switch. I feel there was margin for healthy profit in the crossover there. Personally I would have thought Nintendo would have liked the idea of old but still popular games padding out this launch window in the form of downloads and full priced games from those sources. Especially as all parties win, as the portability would make a lot of those old games relevant again- often without adding any features.
Not to worry though, you're right. The games are coming. But I am surprised there isn't more content from Steam hoping on over. I'll have a good scan for more examples later on.

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Tom Barry [ Reviewer - Editor - Resident Sim-Racer @ ] 

Me being me I really need a new (proper) Metroid fix. Hell, I'd even be happy if they re-remastered Primes 1, 2 & 3. But I need some Samus in my life. It's been far too long.

I'd love a portable OverWatch. I've put around 200 hours into the PC version, but a portable version would be fantastic. I doubt it would happen, but I can dream right?

Smash Bros would definitely be the right addition to the system, considering you can play it with simplistic controls (Wiimote sideways anyone?) so you'd always be able to brawl with at least 2 people anywhere. I also didn't have a Wii U so I settled for the 3DS version.

Love to see something like Battalion Wars make a return.

Hell. I'd love to see Ganbarion come back and make another Jump! Ultimate/Super stars game. Like smash, it's the perfect traveling companion. I've actually put more time into Ultimate and Super than I have Smash. And since the Switch isn't region locked...Just saiyan.

CiNG should come back and do another 'Another Code'. I always enjoyed the pace of those titles. Maybe I just love the pace of point and click. But those two games held me.

Looking forward to Travis Touchdown making a return, tbh, anything by Suda 51 and I'm all over it. Can't beat his crazy games.

F-Zero pretty please? Though it doesn't sound like they've got any new ideas for that franchise.

Echoes221 said:

F-Zero pretty please? Though it doesn't sound like they've got any new ideas for that franchise.

Fast RMX has got you covered for now though! Smilie 

Something that does spring to mind regarding the lackluster support. I really hope its not relating to the higher costs of manufacturing thanks to the catridge. I've noticed some indie developers are blaming that for setting higher prices on the Switch compared to their what they go with everywhere else. At least for those older, but popular games from Steam that I keep mentioning - perhaps the idea of releasing at an inflated price is off-putting? Maybe they don't think it'll help? And of course what doesn't help is downloads having to cost the same as physical releases for the benefit of high street stores. 

Back to games, I'd also be very much up for collections of older generation game series. For example, how about an Utimate Hitman Collection? And, even better, a Burnout Collection. If that had 1 to Revenge on it, they can have £50 off me.. 

And if we can also attach hardware and accessory wants and desires. Two things: a tabletop stand with easy charging capabilities or is at least one that is charging friendly (it's annoying to me that the plug is underneath).

Then also I desperately want a secondary dock pronto! So many people are bound to want that. I just hope they're released soon and they're not over-priced. Nintendo US did add the docks to their website, but they were removed shortly after. Fingers crossed that'll be sorted soon.

( Edited 13.03.2017 21:14 by The Strat Man )

Tom Barry [ Reviewer - Editor - Resident Sim-Racer @ ] 

The Strat Man said:

Echoes221 said:

F-Zero pretty please? Though it doesn't sound like they've got any new ideas for that franchise.

Fast RMX has got you covered for now though! Smilie 

I'm looking forward to playing it! I don't have the system yet, I believe my partner has picked me on up for my birthday at the end of the month though >.<

Regarding support, it's a new format so it will be a little more pricey until manufacturing costs come down (remember what BluRays used to cost?) and they're high capacity chips. Despite that though, they could just make it digital only...

I'm not too fussed on old games coming to the platform, I've played them all before and don't really need them in a portable form. I want new experiences and titles. And more new IPs.

I really wanted South Park FBW on the system. It seems a bit weird to not put it on there IMO. 

I also want physical copies of Yooka Laylee and Sonic Mania, otherwise these will not be getting purchased. 

It would be great to have Crash Trilogy on the Switch, but I think this might stick to being a PS4 exclusive.

I am still hoping for GC support. They have a USB Gamecube converter that they could make compatible with the Switch for home use and they could sell us GC why not do it.

I want new entries into F-zero, 1080 and Waverace games but they aren't going to just give me the GC games (although i have a feeling that all three games will get hit with licensing issues :/)

Retro are most likely working on a third and final DKCR game. That would be great to be honest.

I reckon Sakurai is working on a new Kid Icarus as well as the inevitable Smash Bros port. 

I think the Pokemon Company are working to bring Pokken Tournament to Switch, plus 'Stars'.

I reckon that Nintendo are working on an Animal Crossing game to launch early next year with the mobile app.

And if i was to live in dreamworld then i'd say that Nintendo have contacted the maker of AM2R to bring this to Switch...otherwise I really don't think we will see Metroid this generation. I really felt like Federation Force could have finished with the pre-story of Metroid 2 where the Galactic federation sends teams to SR388 to wipe out the Metroids but get wiped out themselves...but nevermind eh!

The Switch is such a great concept that I am eager for just about every game to come out for it. It may be lacking in horsepower compared to the competition, but I think the portable aspect is enough to get me interested in buying Switch versions of games. It's for this reason that the lagging technical side is such a bummer because it will inevitably miss out on certain games. There are so many great games this year that I would like to see on Switch, but it's not really going to happen, unfortunately.

But because of Switch's portability, it's made me pine for a lot of old games to be ported over to it. I'm talking about things like Final Fantasy 7 and the rest of them - FF10 and 12 HD, FF14, etc. FF10 HD has a PS Vita version for crying out loud, so no reason it couldn't run on Switch comfortably. Square spoke about bringing original and old content to Switch recently, so I'm really hoping such games are on the cards.

You can really take your pick with games from just about any generation. Who wouldn't want a portable version of their favourite games from yesteryear?

It will be interesting what they do with the Virtual Console side of things, and whether that will actually exist as it used to. It probably will for old NES, SNES, etc games, but I think GameCube games would be individually tailored for the system, tweaked to work with it, perhaps get the HD polish. I would love to see Metroid Prime 1-3 on there.

I think a good thing to do would be F-Zero GX HD. It's ridiculous the excuses Nintendo has made for lack of a new F-Z, but taking GX, making it HD and adding some new tracks and online multi would be a great move.

I think a Wind Waker and Twilight Princess HD double pack would be brilliant too, but they would more likely sell them separately. Skyward Sword (as poor as it is) would be nice to see, but the motion controls make me think it's not possible without serious redesigning, which seems like too much work for little gain.

Would be nice to see other Wii U games tho, just so they get the attention they deserve. Rumours keep flying about Smash 4 and Mario Maker, which seem like obvious picks, but they should probably bring as much as they can over, if it will pay off, such as Bayo 2 and Pikmin 3.

I think Nintendo really need to give Zelda a little break now. We've seen a tonne of Zelda games in the run up to BoTW and we still have the DLC to come.

I reckon having Twilight Princess on the 4th consecutive Nintendo platform is over kill! (Although it is near enough the best selling Zelda game...)

There was rumours last year of Pikmin 4 being finished already, although i am not sure if they were talking about the upcoming 3DS title...

I think if they repackaged WiiU's best titles at a discount price it would go down well. Games like DK:TP, Xenoblade Chronicles X, SM3D World, Bayonetta 2 and Pikmin 3 as you say.

I reckon they could release a sequel to Mario Maker, not sure how it would look but they can definitely cash in on that.

There must be a Smash Bros 'Deluxe' version in the works which will release with the 3 missing amiibo, all the DLC characters plus adding in Inklings and other characters.

Although with these 'Deluxe' versions would Nintendo be consigned to not bring us Smash 5 and Mariokart 9 on the same system.... 

Although with these 'Deluxe' versions would Nintendo be consigned to not bring us Smash 5 and Mariokart 9 on the same system....

That's what I fear. Never before has there been two Mario Karts or Smashes on the same system. I would be pretty annoyed if the only MK and Smash we get on Switch are ports of MK8 and Smash 4. I'm done with those two games. If I have to wait 5-6 years for them on the next Nintendo system, that will be pretty upsetting.

I think Nintendo really need to give Zelda a little break now. We've seen a tonne of Zelda games in the run up to BoTW and we still have the DLC to come.

Yeah, and I think all attention needs to be solely on BotW now anyway. I'm not bothered about a WW-TP double pack, but certainly some GameCube and Wii U ports/remasters would be most welcome, especially as many of those games won't have got the attention they deserved, being on underselling hardware. Paper Mario 2 and Eternal Darkness would be some good examples to bring over.

Mario Maker can just near enough be a straight-up port. It doesn't need much adding since it's just a level creator anyway. Perhaps they could add the SMB2 (USA) style to it, some extra gimmicks, bosses, and perhaps music selections, and that would be enough. In fact, a music select a la Smash Bros would go down a treat, thinking about it.

That Paper Mario game (Colour Splash?) would be a good example of a game that will get lost on poor selling hardware. Games like Pokken Tournament should be on Switch IMO. Although they have to make sure that it's not just a bunch of ports. I own all the WiiU games that I really want. I am sure we all do, Mario Kart and Smash are pure exceptions for me.

NOTE: With that said I never actually got Mario Maker or Splatoon! 


Monster Hunter. My best MH times were in 3U where I could play on the big screen when at home, and having friends over playing on their 3DSs which brought a certain social feeling that I have found few things replicating since, and being able to bring it with me on the go or to my friends for some MH action anywhere. If any game benefits from a hybrid system it is certainly the Monster Hunter franchise.

The difference between illusion and reality is vague to the one who suffers from the former and questionable for the one suffering form the later.

I can't wait to see what FIFA looks like on the Switch. Undoubtedly it will be inferior to the other versions but its portability could really help it sell.

Most likely impossible but i'd love if the new StarWars Battlefront game would come to the Switch. Won't happen though...

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