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I think that the delay with Nintendo's Virtual Console service to the Nintendo Switch is quite a tactical one. Not only does this allow the gamers and the press alike to concentrate and focus on new hardware but it allows the Switch to stand on its own two feet for the meantime to get it's own identity.

With that said, we all know some sort of subscription gaming service is coming later this year. An interesting factor with this is that Nintendo are finally editing some of their classics to incorporate online play. 

I am just trying to think of a handful of games that would be good online.

Pick a couple of games and explain why you think that they'll be great online!

Dr Mario /Tetris
These puzzlers are well-known IP's in their own right. Now newer iterations of these games have incorporated online play into their core games but I wonder if people would prefer to stick to the originals. If this could be as addictive as Tetris DS then I can't see why not and I really wonder how many people actually picked up Dr Luigi anyway??

Street Racer
Ubisoft's brilliant racing game came with a variety of mini games and multiplayer modes. The 'soccer' mode to this game would trounce Rocket League any day! A fantastic game and something I have not seen released on any of the various marketplaces. 

Super Mario Kart
The game that started it all, furious action in two player, this game is perhaps less forgiving than more recent Mario Kart's, yes, you may get a Star if you are in 8th place but if you are too far behind its a bit too late. This game could be really grueling if all 8 racers were superb racers. They could also add each unique item to the player. I've always wanted to shit magical cupcakes that make players shrink!

I could name a few other Nintendo racers I really want but I'd rather hear what other people have got to say on those franchises.

P.S I think this could be my first new thread since 2012! :O

Tetris Attack is an all-time fave of mine, so that would be right up there.

Then there are greats like Super Tennis and Unirally.

I'd be happy for them to add online to games like DKC and Mario World, as I always found them enjoyable by seeing who could get the furthest on the map, or by working as a team to complete the game.

I've done all this online with a couple of people in the past using ZSNES, and it really does show how much of a missed opportunity it's been for Nintendo to not do this till now. I'm still skeptical of just exactly how many games Nintendo will add online for in its SNES backlog, but I hope it's not just a handful trickled out one at a time every 5 months.

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old Mario Karts. Double Dash in particular.

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lol Wario Stadium 64 still hasn't been added as a retro track in later MKs, so MK64 could do with online... except MK64 is pretty poor as the tracks are so wide and bland, so I'm not sure I'd even bother with that game.

Diddy Kong would be better, but unlikely.

Mario Kart 64 has probably got the most iconic battle mode but it has been bettered since. I had quite intense 4 player MK64 action last year, so I reckon it could still be quite fun...although that's local multiplayer.

Diddy Kong Racing might be a better alternative, although I am hoping that Retro Studios are secretly working away on a new iteration of this for Switch.

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Super Mario Kart, if they could somehow update it to make it 8 player multiplayer online would be nice IMHO. Mario Kart DD I was mostly mentioning because it did things that no other MK has done, like 2 player on a kart and that would be awesome to play online, so long as voice chat is included.

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8-player SMK online would be brilliant. It's definitely the sort of thing Nintendo should be adding to their retro games. These things have been released and re-released so many times as ports that it's time to start modding them a bit to get people reinvesting in them. It's things like this that would make me consider paying for an online subscription.

Double Dash really was a fun MK, but I think it would be an unlikely game to bring online now, what with MK8DX being on the system. I think SMK is about the only one so retro and different enough that they could make that online, whereas other online MK games might take away slightly from MK8DX. It would split the userbase up a bit too much, I think. I would like to see it, but just don't think it's likely.

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Azuardo said:
I think SMK is about the only one so retro and different enough that they could make that online, whereas other online MK games might take away slightly from MK8DX. It would split the userbase up a bit too much, I think. I would like to see it, but just don't think it's likely.

True that indeed. The game already supported some network functionality originally, so I just thought it might not be that hard to implement. Or at least to implement support for the LAN mode over local wireless with other players. I have experience playing local MKDD 8 players when we did an IRL meetup in Paris years ago with colleagues from the French website I used to write for back in the day. Those days were awesome!

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

That's true - I think it wouldn't be too hard to implement at all really, which makes DD online more likely than the other MKs perhaps. I can only imagine the fun of playing that game 8-player LAN.

Double Dash is a great game, I never got to a LAN party back in the day, but I did enjoy this game, although I wonder if they'd add to the track number as there's online16 tracks!

I wonder if Nintendo would release Melee and put it online,its something that could make sense given the community...but who knows eh...

( Edited 13.04.2017 13:59 by Flynnie )

I thought about Melee, because, after all, many hardcore fans do prefer its technicalities over the likes of Brawl and Smash 4, but again, I just think bringing such games to the Switch and making them online would only seriously impact the Switch's other Smash game - so the same case as Mario Kart. I don't think it makes sense to bring same-series games over to the Switch and make them online.

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