Metroid Prime 4 - Thoughts?

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Just wondered how we all feel about the recent news about the development of Metroid Prime 4? 

I really respect how upfront they were about it in the video, and how detailed they were. However, I'd say the timing was pretty funny. It was surreal digesting what they were saying, most people were expecting a trailer.. 

I'm glad Retro are at the helm though. That has to be the right decision. 


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Tom Barry [ Reviewer - Editor - Resident Sim-Racer @ ] 

Right decision, because releasing a bad Metroid Prime game could have done some serious damage to the future of the series. It's already had some really rocky roads with Other M and Federation Force, and it's only the Metroid 2 remake that's managed to get it back on track.

The fact Nintendo doesn't know what to do with Metroid on home console is quite worrying, as well, so it's only natural they turned to Retro, who has done it all before. The Retro team today might be different to the original one that worked on MP1, but it should at least be far better than anything Nintendo was about to churn out.

Nintendo itself just needs to concentrate on 2D Metroid. A HD 2D remake of Super Metroid with hi-res sprites, a "Metroid V" set post-Fusion. At the least, get all the past games playable on Switch in some form - a collection or individually released. There are plenty of things for them to do instead of fucking 3D Metroid up, so it's defo a good job Retro has jumped in.

It's really unfortunate, and I don't expect the game now for at least three years, but gives them enough time to ensure the Prime trilogy gets sorted. I hope they can work something out for Prime 3 on Switch, tho I don't know how they will get around the motion stuff and if it will convert to normal controls.

Exactly like Az said, however not many other developers/publishers would be so protective of their IP. I do wonder how much Bandai Namco had worked on it before they scrapped it. Did they have something working or was it still in early concept stages. 

There are more good Metroid games than there are bad, but this would have seriously taken a bit of a dent to the series if it had been a bad entry. I feel quite fortunate to have really had been exposed to Metroid at the start of the Prime series (and at the right age), having 4 Prime games, Pinball, Fusion and Zero Mission all within a few years of each was a good time for the franchise.

I do wonder why Nintendo never really consider creating it in-house. Not any slight at Mercury Steam, Next Level or Team Ninja  but these iterations have been my least favourite in the series.

I bet Nintendo regret announcing MP4 so early now, this is probably why they don't announce games until closer to its release. They could have cancelled it altogether so we are pretty lucky that they have thrown it back to Retro, who i suspect will have a small team working on the original Trilogy as well. 

It came as a big surprise for me (in a positive way) and I'm sure may others. It's certainly something I don't think Nintendo has ever publicly done before. I really appreciate how open they were about it all and it was kind of refreshing. I am very curious what Retro have been working on though, I'm excited to see that hopefully soon. I'm definitely into the whole Star Fox Racing thing as an idea, if those rumours are to be true.

Retro are still an amazing developer, so I have a lot of belief in them that they'll make a great Metroid game. Tropical Freeze is a masterpiece as far as concerned, so they still have that magic! I'm very excited to see where they take the series after so long, I kind of hope they change it up a bit and not go the safe route of doing another Prime like the others. I feel just like Breath of the World, it could do with some new twist to it, but still have those classic elements in there to make it a "Prime" feeling game. Obviously that's easier said than done, I'm no game developer.

Oh and just to echo everyone else here, a Prime HD Trilogy would be nice for sure and would definitely help fill the gap between the release of Prime 4.

I'm not much of a Metroid fan, personally and I've never really been into the games much (apart from prime 3 and Fusion to some degree), but Im still excited to see a new one happen and I'm looking forward to seeing it in action!

Man it's been a long long time already since they announced the reboot!

Can't wait to finally see it...but I'm afraid we'll see our first glimpse at it in 2023. 

You are not alone. I am here with you. Though we're far're always in my heart. Love u!

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