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Hello all, not much to say really, im a Ninty veteran so to speak, started playing games around the age of 3-4, didnt know what the fuck i was doing though. However more so around the ages 5-8 i was playing a Sega Master System and SNES. I then progressively moved on to the N64,GBA,PS1,PS2,DC,GC.

I first joined the site a lil while back to watch a video and had no intention of posting in the forums, however i got sucked in and became a forum regular posting every day.

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Legend Of Zelda, , Sonic The Hedgehog

Favourite Films

Goldeneye, Cool Runnings, South Park the Movie

Favourite Music

Feeder, Kaiser Chiefs, The Killers

Favourite Books

Body Language-Barbra and Allan Pease, ,

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