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SirLink discovered Cubed3 in late 2010 whilst searching for a friendly Nintendo community. He avidly started posting immediately after he created his account, becoming a well-known and active member of the website in no time at all. While he did contribute every now and then, he didn't join the staff as a proper reviewer until late 2012.

His first gaming experiences were on the original PlayStation with the Spyro trilogy, but his interest in playing games was limited. Once he played some Nintendo 64 classics such as Mario Kart 64 at a friend's place and ultimately got a used Nintendo GameCube with over two dozen games from eBay at the age of 10, he knew that gaming was the perfect hobby for him. The following Christmas, he received his The Legend of Zelda: Collector's Edition and it's been his favourite series ever since.

It's not just Zelda though. There are a lot of other franchises SirLink loves to play, such as Okami, Pokemon, Mario, Metroid, Fire Emblem, Monster Hunter, Final Fantasy, Tales of, Super Smash Bros. and many more. Even now, his journey to delve into even more series he hasn't tried yet continues.

About SirLink

I'm just some guy who loves to play video games.

SirLink 's Interests

Videogames, Anime/Manga, Archery, Swordplay

Favourite Games

Okami, The Legend of Zelda, Tales of, Final Fantasy, Monster Hunter

Favourite Films

Anime, mainly Naruto and Pokémon. I also love watching Let's Play's.

Favourite Music

Video game soundtracks

Favourite Books

I only read Manga, mainly Naruto.

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