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3DS Console Friend Codes

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 Dice Overlord 's avatar picture Dice Overlord 0146-9767-3365Add
 Seththeslayer 's avatar picture Seththeslayer NONEAdd
! HC ! Angelite's avatar picture! HC ! AngeliteNONEAdd
!brosephius's avatar picture!brosephius3969-5490-0698Add
#Magikarp's avatar picture#Magikarp2595-1813-5670Add
'i am not a pie''s avatar picture'i am not a pie'1075-1284-34Add
(-o-)PokeBall's avatar picture(-o-)PokeBallNONEAdd
(Link)'s avatar picture(Link)4012-4786-1030Add
(Shawn)'s avatar picture(Shawn)5300-8377-3402Add
*+ ѕтαтιc +*'s avatar picture*+ ѕтαтιc +*4098-2451-8597Add
--Mr Shadow's avatar picture--Mr Shadow3454-1513-1520Add
-Eterno-'s avatar picture-Eterno-
Western Europe
-Levels-'s avatar picture-Levels-0516-7637-5084Add
000000's avatar picture0000003325-2603-9715Add
00000000024Gus 's avatar picture00000000024Gus 2664-3083-0366Add
00000001Zero's avatar picture00000001Zero3926-5563-4710Add
001Valerie's avatar picture001Valerie3067-4969-9775Add
0060-9987-6367  :ollie's avatar picture0060-9987-6367 :ollie0060-9987-6367Add
01Mario b's avatar picture01Mario b3239-2454-1497Add
033p's avatar picture033p3325-2849-59Add
0490 - 5905 - 9322's avatar picture0490 - 5905 - 93220490-5905-9322Add
0draco0's avatar picture0draco04012-3992-1627Add
0Mach4's avatar picture0Mach4NONEAdd
1-X's avatar picture1-X3067-6180-8601Add
101Pika's avatar picture101Pika2466-3464-5746Add
10inch killa's avatar picture10inch killaNONEAdd
11105409's avatar picture111054091220-7287-0342Add
1177-7138-4099's avatar picture1177-7138-40991177-7138-4099Add
11Deathrow's avatar picture11Deathrow2320-6564-8087Add
123abciisababy's avatar picture123abciisababy0662-4253-6224Add
12qaz2009's avatar picture12qaz20092595-0529-1430Add
13thDisciple's avatar picture13thDisciple
North America
15alex's avatar picture15alex2552-2064-07Add
15LiquidSnake's avatar picture15LiquidSnake5370-0867-7416Add
165sonic1's avatar picture165sonic10877-0752-1623Add
1719-3671-1078's avatar picture1719-3671-10781719-3671-1078Add
18rmmille's avatar picture18rmmille0101-0723-0857Add
19PugCrossing's avatar picture19PugCrossing3823-8745-5077Add
1cotton2candy's avatar picture1cotton2candy2337-4621-5395Add
1Larsbar's avatar picture1Larsbar4098-3869-8518Add
1nonlyhero's avatar picture1nonlyhero1091-8048-1964Add
1R0NF1ST's avatar picture1R0NF1ST3668-9183-6530Add
1ShotShank's avatar picture1ShotShank5215-1302-2803Add
1snivy10's avatar picture1snivy104554-1004-4263Add
1spencej's avatar picture1spencej4570-8425-0144Add
1UppedGaming's avatar picture1UppedGaming3583-0044-2166Add
2015sdr's avatar picture2015sdr1779-1154-6492Add
20289's avatar picture202891005-8526-5790Add
2165-5972-6466's avatar picture2165-5972-64662165-5972-64Add
22JJmark's avatar picture22JJmark1779-0291-3379Add
22Jojodan's avatar picture22Jojodan2251-4770-5067Add
27Xero's avatar picture27Xero1418-7783-6304Add
3325-2211-6437's avatar picture3325-2211-64373325-2211-6437Add
3368-3304-8297's avatar picture3368-3304-82973368-3304-8297Add
33KillsInOneDay's avatar picture33KillsInOneDay
35leo35's avatar picture35leo354914-5119-0312Add
36gianni36's avatar picture36gianni36
Western Europe
3dfan1234's avatar picture3dfan12343394-4036-2319Add
3ds's avatar picture3ds5343-9533-3420Add
3DSmaster9999's avatar picture3DSmaster9999
3L_D105's avatar picture3L_D1050232-8941-5055Add
4finn4's avatar picture4finn44811-7989-4059Add
4starkarl's avatar picture4starkarl3239-4267-8096Add
4t7dylan's avatar picture4t7dylan3609-1074-2965Add
4thelolz's avatar picture4thelolz0619-4383-5490Add
52Luv's avatar picture52Luv1091-8882-1609Add
547tux's avatar picture547tux5069-5165-41Add
5atmkkds's avatar picture5atmkkdsNONEAdd
69pheniox's avatar picture69pheniox0791-2265-7588Add
888aura888's avatar picture888aura8880189-9025-6756Add
88Lalex 's avatar picture88Lalex 2638-0636-8612Add
9charger6's avatar picture9charger61763-1463-36Add
9greengecko's avatar picture9greengecko0216-0817-9780Add
=.='s avatar picture=.=1091-8817-5089Add
???'s avatar picture???NONEAdd
a cool potato :P's avatar picturea cool potato :PNONEAdd
A Wild Molly Appeared!'s avatar pictureA Wild Molly Appeared!3067-5716-4165Add
A.z. Chance Martinez's avatar pictureA.z. Chance Martinez0189-8630-7427Add
A008003801's avatar pictureA0080038011564-3562-8913Add
A1ejandro's avatar pictureA1ejandro1564-3887-3377Add
a1manrevolution's avatar picturea1manrevolution3969-5051-0878Add
AAKnightLX's avatar pictureAAKnightLX2036-7797-8704Add
aakrahn's avatar pictureaakrahn2509-2615-9687Add
AangNaruto's avatar pictureAangNarutoNONEAdd
aar313's avatar pictureaar3131848-2916-5324Add
aarbeienvla's avatar pictureaarbeienvla3196-3724-1336Add
Aaron Barker-Holloway's avatar pictureAaron Barker-Holloway1864-9766-9129Add
Aaron Matthew Coleman's avatar pictureAaron Matthew Coleman
North America
Aaron Stuckinthepsych Ward's avatar pictureAaron Stuckinthepsych Ward5043-3798-2809Add
aaron1098's avatar pictureaaron10981306-6704-1450Add
aaron1290's avatar pictureaaron12904983-4921-4045Add
Aaron277's avatar pictureAaron277
Abagantamoz's avatar pictureAbagantamoz5300-8140-18Add
abbe12342's avatar pictureabbe12342NONEAdd
abbey's avatar pictureabbey
North America
abby.edwards's avatar pictureabby.edwards4742-5737-3582Add
abbyas2002's avatar pictureabbyas20021865-0155-4635Add
Abbybebe101's avatar pictureAbbybebe101
North America
ABC DEMONIC's avatar pictureABC DEMONIC4124-5814-2030Add
ABCDEFGHIJK's avatar pictureABCDEFGHIJK2829-8674-5466Add

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