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Who is Cubed3?

Cubed3 (Cubed Three, C3) is an online information resource and community with a passion for video games. Based in the UK, we bring daily updates, worldwide coverage and discussion.

Cubed3 attracts over 250,000 unique visitors per month. Our focus is on daily news, comprehensive reviews, in-depth features and our growing forum of likeminded Nintendo enthusiasts.

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Meet the Cubed3 team

Jorge Ba-oh - Managing Director & Founder

Jorge is Cubed3's creator and designer, founding the site in 2003 with a huge passion for Nintendo games! Jorge manages Cubed3's technical side, working alongside the Cubed3 team to continue to update the site. He provides news updates and the occasional article or two. He lives and works in Brighton, and enjoys design, arts, music and the occasional visit to the outside world! 

Adam Riley - Operations Director, Senior Editor

Adam joined up with Cubed3 back when it was merely a fledgling website, providing snippets of news to eager gaming fans. It was not long before he made a strong impression, bombarding Jorge with constant news submissions. Having been a creative talent from a young age, it was only a short time before he squeezed his way into the small team and took control of the retro review side of C3. Once his confidence built up, which certainly did not take a long time, he dipped his toe further into the writing scene with a slew of in-depth articles and even took on the role of Editor for others' work.

Moving away from causing waves throughout the Industry with his rapid-fire news updates, numerous exclusive interviews, and visits to press events, now in the role of Operations Director he focuses more on strong relations with game developers and PR teams, finding new opportunities for the website's growth, as well as producing radio shows.

Cubed3 just wouldn't be the same without him!

Az Elias - Senior Editor

Az started playing video games with the SNES, and has owned a variety of systems over the years. Although his gaming interests may have changed with age, Az is generally broad minded and open to most types of games. His favourite series include The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy and Metroid, and his DOA Kasumi statue collection now stands at four.

An avid supporter of an independent Wales, his other passions include tennis, football, cats, and slowly but surely trying to learn Welsh. Iechyd da!


Ofisil (Athanasios Aravositas) has contemplated on the meaning of life the universe and everything at least 42 times. He carries around a wooden sword, wears a +5 INT -15 CHA cloak, and plays life in Nightmare Mode.

Lilly Kirchner

Loving the world of JRPGs and puzzles, Lilly has been a fan of video games for a long time. Her favourites include Final Fantasy X, Professor Layton and Persona 5. She enjoys anime and cosplaying, and has a degree in Psychology research. One day she hopes to connect hobby and job by researching how video games can aid people in real life.  

Sandy Kirchner-Wilson

Sandy has been playing and enjoying video games ever since receiving a Game Boy Color at the age of seven. As an avid follower of Nintendo and Sony, he has had many great (and not so great!) gaming experiences with every genre. If he had to pick one genre to play above all others it would be horror action, as exemplified by his favourite series Resident Evil.

Luke Hemming

Quiet reviewer with a love for all things Nintendo.
Street Fighter Connoisseur and sucker for any Fantasy considered Final. Recent Dragon Quester.
Outside of the gaming world rabid Comic Book Collector who always thought Robin deserved more credit and PR/Super Sentai Aficionado.


Nayu is one of Cubed3's newest recruits - a breath of fresh air in the team. She is an avid gamer, in-depth book reviewer, exceptional writer, queen crocheter, as well as being a champion craft & life blogger.

Expect great things to come!

Justin Prinsloo


Marissa Chu - Digital Marketing Campaign Manager

Having closely collaborated with diverse brands in both in-house eCommerce and their party e-tail platform settings, Marissa cultivated a profound fascination for the remarkable potential and impact a brand shows. After undertaking a 13-hour flight from Taiwan to the UK and achieving an MSc in Brand Leadership, now the TRUE adventure begins!

Albert Lichi - Reviews and Feature Writer

Eric Ace

Eric is a Cubed3 reviewer for the PS3, PS4, 3DS, VITA and PC systems, with a long history of RPG and strategy game backgrounds. He began gaming with the NES and quickly gravitated to RPGs and platform games.

Renan Fontes

An avid-lover of all things Metal Gear Solid, Devil May Cry, and pretentious French lit, Ren has beaten DMC3 on Dante Must Die at least five times, and is deathly terrified of what series Capcom and Konami are going to target next. 

Holly Terrington

Holly is a relative newcomer to the world of gaming. She is a lover of all things Witcher and is currently exploring the world of Assassin’s Creed. Holly has always been interested in storytelling in the mediums of visual art, film, and the written word- and now games. Her degree is in Fine Art and she currently works in a library. She shares her home with her boyfriend, dog, many books and multiple games consoles.

Nikola Suprak

Nikola has been writing reviews for games so long that his fifth grade book report of The Giver was actually a review of Conker's Bad Fur day. He failed the assignment but kindled a lifetime passion of telling everyone he saw about which games he liked and didn't liked. He continues to review games as a public service to prevent games like Final Fantasy: All The Bravest from falling into the hands of unsuspecting, innocent people.

He is a longtime fan of RPGs, FPSs, and other acronym based gaming genres. Some of his favorite games include Lunar: Silver Star Story, Suikoden II, Super Mario Galaxy, and Paper Mario. Outside of gaming, Nikola enjoys writing, basketball, and trying to find a prosecutor willing to charge the developer of The Letter with a crime against humanity. It is harder than you may think.

Thom Compton

Thom is an avid gamer and has been since playinbg Looney Toon Adventures on some Nintendo system. After spending years playing on the original Playstation, he inexplicably stopped playing games for a long while, eventually picking it back up sometime in 2006. Since then, it's been a constant reminder that he has so finacial control, and someday you may find him with an old Wii controller plugged into a park bench, desperately trying to get the birds and squirrels to bend to his digital prowess. 

Ian Soltes

Ian started off as a person who simply loved games and hunting down many of the lesser-known titles to play them. Fascinated with many of the unique aspects of games he became entralled with the many new ideas and concepts he found and outright enjoyed finding unique games. Not to say that he dislikes the mainstream games as he very much enjoys them and can often be found spending time playing Civ V on his free time.

Ian wrote several reviews before he started to focus heavily on becoming a constant reviewer as he was more than happy to simply stand by and simply enjoy the games he loved, from 'Dark Cloud 2' to 'Lost Kingdoms II'. The game that changed all this was a small, visual novel, game on Steam called 'Long Live the Queen!'. Having outright enjoyed the game he looked around only to notice that no one had even submitted a review for the game. He decided to change all that and write a review. It didn't take long before he was actively hunting down games in his vast collection, many of which he enjoyed, trying to find those games, be they good or bad, that he felt needed more attention.

As of  now Ian is a fan of the JRPG genre and enjoys being able to simply sit down and lose himself in a game. Though a bit of a perfectionist who tries to hunt down every secret if possible, he never lets that get in the way of his enjoyment. However, he has developed a guilty pleasure for intentionally playing BAD games simply for the chance to rip into them in a review.

Gareth F - Review & Feature Writer

FiDRoC is a long time gamer old enough to remember the days when the ZX Spectrum was considered to be cutting edge technology and has subsequently held Hungry Horace responsible for his eating disorder.

In a past life FiDRoC tore it up regularly on the wheels of steel and has toured all over the UK, played at a number of major music festivals and generally made a total racket as the tour DJ for a relatively successful chart bothering band. Besides holding down numerous long running residencies in both Manchester and London he's also had a stint on a pirate radio station (long before internet radio was a thing).

Chris Leebody - Review & Feature Writer

Chris is a 26 year old English Literature graduate (currently studying masters degree in journalism) from Belfast, United Kingdom. He is a full time training journalist who has been playing video games since he was a small child and has spent the best part of half a life times earnings so far on buying games. He is a particular fan of PC gaming as well as the Playstation and Nintendo platforms and loves playing any Role Playing or RTS game.

Luna Eriksson

Andrew - Reviews and Feature Writer

A Cubed3 member since the ancient days of the GameCube, Cheesing It Up has been a Nintendo gamer for many Moons now. He's a bit of a nerd (aren't we all?), specialising in astrophysics, and is always ready to answer any questions on the subject. When not stargazing he can often be found watching anime or playing guitar. There's always time for video games though!

Drew Hurley

Drew has been gaming since he was 2 years old, starting on the Amstrad CPC464 with such classics as Dizzy the Egg. Turning his passion into his life he studied Game Design at University and ran a Game Development Society. He then sold out to the man and ended up working as a Software Engineer for the government instead of making games. To make up for this he neglects his friends, child, and wife to play games for most of his waking hours.

A Japanophile with a passion for gaming that has never diminished, whether it be throwing hundreds of thousands of yen into the arcades of Sega and Taito in Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Akihabara. Sitting at home on the PS5 with franchises like Yakuza. Playing Minecraft and The Crew 2 with his son. Tearing through Nintendo's latest release on the Switch anytime he gets a break, or Mobile gaming on the commute. Gaming has always, and will always be a key part of his life.

Matteo Carlarino - Reviews and Feature Writer

Jamie Mercer

Jamie was first introduced to games through his grandfather’s love of point-and-click adventure games, and grew up playing the likes of Kyrandia, Flight of the Amazon Queen, Day of the Tentacle, and Monkey Island. A Sega Mega Drive soon followed, and a PlayStation after that. A love of JRPGs developed after first playing Final Fantasy VII. Now he mostly plays indie games on his PC, when time allows.

A qualified broadcast journalist, documentary filmmaker, and voice actor, Jamie tends to not have too much free time these days. When he does, he likes reading, writing, playing pool and snooker, watching documentaries, quiz shows, and awfully made films with sharks in them. He has been told he has the worst taste in music, and is cursed with supporting Newcastle United.

Marcus Myers

Isabella Martinez

Steven Mattern

Tom Level

Miss Multi-Console

Cubed3 Autobot - C3's Autobot Butler

I am Cubed3 AutoBot. I live to serve the human members of Cubed3 by automating the little things that you can see on this website. When I am not working I enjoy a pint of oil and playing magnets with the lady robots. Bzzzzzzt! LOL

Neil Flynn

Lina Elias

Andrew Bond

Avid gamer who grew up in the realms of Sierra and LucasArts. When he realised he couldn't be a pirate like Guybrush Threepwood, he decided to be a Shatanagger, like Gabriel Knight.

Expanding his gaming across Nintendo, Sega, Xbox and PlayStation, he has a love for anything RPG and Point and Click He likes nothing more than games that can immerse you in a different worlds with wicked dialogue and provoking storylines.

He recently lost several weeks revisiting pixelated classics from the '90s and can be seen in his daily life wandering aimlessly, muttering to himself that he could have been a contender but nobody knows of what!

Rudy Lavaux - Review and Feature Writer

Having some previous experience writing absurdly long reviews for some French website, Rudy gladly joined the ranks of C3 to share his love for video games... which equals his love for writing about them. Despite first experiencing video games on a SEGA arcade machine, and developing his skills at home on his parents' Commodore 64 and Atari 2600, he fell in love with Nintendo after trying Metroid for the NES back in the day. He's always bought Nintendo's consoles first since the days of the Game Boy and Super Nintendo, only occasionally buying another brand to taste the great exclusives that the competition offered (rumour has it that he first cheated on Nintendo with a PC-Engine in his early gaming days). He's such a manic collector that he can't beat his games as fast as he buys them. He can't stand missing a single game in his favourite series. He's also a bit of a MacGyver, always coming up with the most improbable ways to fix up his broken stuff... and managing to do so. As a Belgian, he also enjoys good beer, chocolate, mussels, chips and making fun of politics. Oh, and reporting C3 bugs to Jorge!

Shane Jury - Reviews and Feature Writer

Shane happened upon this fair community of Cubed3 whilst browsing the newly-opened portal of the World Wide Web, and has stuck around ever since. Kicking things off with a Master System, Shane soon went for the best of both worlds with a Mega Drive and a Super Nintendo. Every generation since he's been on the Nintendo bandwagon, together with an occasional hop on the Sony and Microsoft wagons, with a broad perspective and a willingness to try anything. A fan of many titles and franchises, including Pokemon, Mario, Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Viewtiful Joe and, most of all, Sonic, you'll see Shane in any thread with one of these franchises in the title, when he isn't slapping up news posts or tapping away at another review.

Wes Maulsby

Wes first learned what a videogame was when he wandered around Bomb-omb Battlefield and hasn't been able to put the controller down since. An avid game and movie fan, Wes can often be found either cooped up in a dark room beating up monsters, or cooped up in a larger and darker room watching other people beat up monsters. He is embarking on a new career covering games and movies while eager waiting for Capcom to get off it's butt and actually make an Okami sequel already.

David Lovato - Reviews and Feature Writer

Born in California, David spent his youth moving around the country, but never lost his love of writing and video games. A lifelong Nintendo fan, David believes a great game can come from anywhere, and is always on the hunt for the next one.

Michael McCann

Joshua Goldie

Josh is the Editor over at Source Gaming and is an all-round Nintendo expert. Source Gaming is a website dedicated to providing accurate and high-quality content to gamers across the globe. It has writers in all three of gaming’s biggest territories (EU, US and Japan) and appeals to a worldwide audience. Its content includes exclusive translations, interviews, news discussions, reviews, opinion pieces and editorials.

Lex Firth - Reviews and Feature Writer

Part-time blogger, full-time geek, Lex has been gaming since he was knee-high to a Bokoblin. His specialties include platforming, adventuring, and puzzle-solving.

Brandon (Michael) Howard

Brandon enjoys a good RPG about as much as a good bite to eat. In his spare time he usually forgets to actually play video games.

Josh Di Falco

Raised in a family with a NES controller in his hand, Josh grew up with Super Mario Bros. and IronSword: Wizards & Warriors II. Before too long, the NES had to make way for the PlayStation, as Spyro the Dragon and Final Fantasy VIII took over the rest of his childhood. It was at this point that he realised his love for RPGs. Josh is not afraid to invest hundreds of hours into a Gwent, Triple Triad or Blitzball session, while trying to save the world from an impending doom.

William Lowery

Camilo Aránguiz González

Greg Giddens

Greg has a strong passion for technology and prides himself on his knowledge and understanding of old, current and emerging gadgetry. Having spent several years trying to find the perfect fit for where he wanted to build a career, he became a videogames journalist, writing about and critiquing games for various places.


Ian Goldberg

Bonny Ramsay

Paul McEnery

Kevin Tsai

Daniel Rivas

Scott Casey

Ben Clarke

Katie Livingston

Mikey Entwistle

I'm Mikey, and I'm very new to the world of Cubed3, although I am very interested in it! I started playing games at around the age of 3 with a hand-me-down Sony PlayStation - I had a blast! My favourite game on the system was either Crash Bandicoot Warped or (oddly enough) Toy Story 2! After the PS1 took over my life, I then received a Nintendo DS, where I think most nostalgia comes to play. The DS was when I really started playing games and actually completing them. I can't count how many times I have beaten New Super Mario Bros! Today, I mainly play PC games and tend to use Google Stadia a lot, as well (I know, very unpopular but it works well for me) and I have an Xbox One I use from time to time. I'd love to have a Switch but I am waiting for the inevitable Switch Pro. I think my favourite game of all time is likely Crash Bandicoot 4 - It's About Time or Telltale's The Walking Dead series.

Juan Minoprio

Jenny Geist

Jenny is a long time gamer and writer who is putting these skills together for her Cubed3 reviews. She follows the whole industry but has a special place in her heart for the works of Nintendo and Square Enix, with her favorite game of all time being NieR: Automata. Video games can create stories that no other medium can fully replicate, making games something truly special to explore and write about.

Jess Thomas

Sam Rogers


Leslie C

I have a degree in creative writing, I like writing poetry and exploring new mediums of communication that could benefit the world or anyone I am trying to reach out to. I currently only play on PS4 and enjoy NHL games. I also want to start exploring filmmaking and screenwriting to tell more stories. I'm also an avid coffee drinker and music lover and I love watching ice hockey!

James Grech

From Melbourne, Australia, when James is not playing Dungeons and Dragons or rocking out at karaoke, you can usually find him engaged in some kind of story. From staying up way past his bedtime playing Pokemon as a kid, to sobbing when he rolled credits on God of War, James has been passionate about video games his whole life. A trained copywriter, producer and professional dad joke maker, James is always down to take on any challenge...especially if it involves Mario Kart! 


Charles Britton

A culture buff who dabbles in literature, theatre, and film, Charles' earliest media crush was video games. He's obsessed with platformers, stealth games, metroidvanias, survival horrors, and JRPG's among others, but will play anything with a zany design concept that catches his eye (especially on the indie side). Will force you to play RaymanXenoblade Chronicles, and Yakuza if you imply you haven't tried them before.

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