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Opoona is an Adventure game developed by Arte Piazza for the Wii video game console. Get the latest news, reviews, videos and screenshots for Opoona.


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Reviews for Opoona Wii

 - Nintendo 3DS Wii U Gaming

One of the few RPGs on Wii, Opoona takes you on an adventure like no other. Here’s what C3 thought of the trip to planet Landroll... - By Rudy Lavaux

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Previews for Opoona Wii

Lifestyle RPG here we come... - By Adam Riley

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Articles & Features for Opoona Wii

Title Date Comments
Interview | Artepiazza Talks Opoona, Wii Sequel26.05.20087
Opoona Crash Lands on Wii in July17.04.20080
Nintendo Wii Media | New Opoona Footage29.11.200713
Nintendo Wii Media | Opoona Gameplay Trailer06.11.20071
Nintendo Wii Media | Two New Opoona Videos03.06.20073
Nintendo Media | Koei Reveals More Opoona25.05.20073
Nintendo Wii Media | Opoona Screenshot Blowout17.04.200723

Screenshots and Artwork for Opoona Wii

Gameplay Videos & Trailers for Opoona Wii

There are no videos available for Opoona. Watch this space for updates!

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