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civil war in C3

hokay guys, it seems C3 is the closest it has ever been to a full-on civil war.

In the one corner, there are the Nintendo supporting, the politically active, the deep thinkers, the somewhat wimpy, the slightly over-zealous wannabe moderators

boring issues

yes, this one should have been a blog not a forum post the first time

now a comment... I'd contest the idea that 'living within your means' is really an excuse at all. If you could live a much more simple life, then donate the savings to improve the quality of life of people not so fortunate...


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I just got a return email from a guy on ebay US. He says the ds has been mailed and I should recieve it around wednesday. Wednesday? aargh!

I got mario 64 ds yesterday from gamespot and the cart is tiny! I've read the manual from cover to cover (and I never read manuals!) and it just makes me angrier about waiting. waiting waiting waiting waiting.

I'm getting to the halfway mark in the long holidays Smilie I'm gonna have to start doing all of the things I promised myself I'd do.

>photocopy my friends maths sheet cause I lost mine.
>do the maths sheet
>read some of the accounting book, legal studies book and it book.
>read about ten fiction books so my mum stops whining
>get better at smash, so I can kick the asses of some old people next smash meet.
>excercise. I made some stuppid pattern of how I'm going to do X number of pushups by X day.
>learn lojban. Its one of those logic-languages. I tried learning it for about 2 days, then got bored. I believe in the idea, but god it is boring...
> watch a stupid black books dvd that my friend wants me to watch. I promised I'd give his dvd a chance if he did the same for donkey konga.Smilie

on the plus side, I'm loving tales of symphonia, and I'll soon have my precious ds. Also, I've got the seinfeld series 1&2 dvd and rearviewmirror (best of pearl jam) cd which kicks ass.

waiting. only 3 more days.
in fact, I think I'll go for a sig, avi, text and name change. Try to confuse some people!

yay, blog

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first blog. er, I can't be stuffed doing an introduction, so ha!

today I went to a smash meet with people I met from the internet on smashboards. They were all 17+, I'm 14, but they were awesome guys, it was brilliant. I beat some of the easier people, and some of the harder people with their worst characters, it was great fun. And I won a melee with pichu !!!

I now know what I need to practice:
application of wavedashes
shl (short hop-laser)
and jump cancelling the reflector.

and I know it defeats the purpose of a diary if its open to be seen by the people you're talking about, but I *really* wanna see blizz, and I'm psyched up after meeting the people from smashboards.

I also resolved the issue of getting my DS, but I can't be bothered writing about it now. maybe in a week, when Its about to arrive, and I'm trying to burn time.

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