Roosday #5: Whale and Ice

By Jorge Ba-oh 28.05.2009

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On Tuesdays SouthPeak Games will be detailing new aspects of Wii/DS puzzler Roogoo in an exclusive developer diary.

This week's update takes a look at two new environments for the Wii and DS versions, Whale and Ice.

Environment 6: Whale (Wii)
Players go on an emotional roller coaster ride ranging from euphoric delight (discovering that they've broken away from the dangers of the perilous sea with all their limbs intact) to a sad realization that they have, instead, been swallowed by an enormous Whale.

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Players soon learn that the inside of the Whale has been littered with everything it's consumed including an overwhelming amount of obese fish and evil Meemoos. Those wretched fish and Meemoos will find ways to clutter your screen, hassle your blocks, and obstruct your view.

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The Whale's appetite, seemingly insatiable, has also managed to swallow a large fleet of Meeomoo ships, leaving players to battle, maneuver, and destroy villainous Meemoos. Accelerated platforms will bring players an additional challenge, but nothing the skilled player won't be able to handle.

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Briefly escaping The Whale to find some fresh air, a giant blimp must be taken down but millions of missiles and Meemoos will do everything they can to keep players from succeeding.

Environment 6: Ice (DS)
Image for Roosday #5: Whale and IcePlayers must prepare for the cold weather as they cross the Ice area. Snowflakes fall gently and cover the ground. Players get to play in the snow by assembling snowmen and nests for chickens to hatch their eggs.

While progressing through the Ice area, players will encounter new types of platforms. In addition to the flipping platforms, there are ones marked with arrows that increase the speed of shapes once they pass. Players must rotate the following platform very quickly to avoid losing the stack.

Of course, the Ice area would not be complete without the troublesome Meemoos around attempting to slip players up. Certain levels are overrun with Meemoo so players must be prepared to attack them using the speed technique learned previously and use it often.

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