Japanese Nintendo Retailer Meeting

By Adam Riley 13.04.2010

Japanese Nintendo Retailer Meeting on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The latest Nintendo retailer meeting over in Japan has revealed some Wii release dates. Whilst Europe will be receiving Super Mario Galaxy 2 on 11th June and the US is getting its hands on the game very soon indeed, on 23rd May, Japan will have to wait until 27th May. Cubed3's recent hands-on with the game can be read here to whet your appetite.

Image for Japanese Nintendo Retailer MeetingAs for Monolith Soft's second Wii game, after Disaster: Day of Crisis, the epic RPG adventure previously known as Monado: Beginning of the World, Xenoblade, will be released on 10th June. Nintendo has already put the hype-building wheels in motion, promoting the game at numerous retailers and promising a special set of goodies for long-term fans of previous Xeno- games (such as Xenogears on the PSone and Xenosaga on the PS2).

Finally, there is the Japanese version of Trauma Team from Atlus Japan, which will be called Hospital over there when it hits on 17th June, most likely due to it being a series reboot and the Caudaceus brand name being very weak there anyway, unlike in the West where its rebranded Trauma Center (...Centre...) games continue to thrive on Wii and DS. Cubed3 recently had the chance to have an 'eyes-on' with Trauma Team and will be delivering a full report very soon. The game currently has no European or Australian release date (Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 has still yet to hit Europe due to Nintendo Europe handling publishing and stalling, along with Atlus' dungeon crawler, Etrain Odyssey II), but will arrive in the US on 18th May. The very slick Japanese box art can be seen to the right.

Which of these three games are you most looking forward to, Super Mario Galaxy 2, Xenoblade, or Trauma Team/Hospital?

Box art for Xenoblade Chronicles
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