E310 | DSiWare Blasts into Cosmos X2

By Jorge Ba-oh 10.06.2010 1

E310 | DSiWare Blasts into Cosmos X2 on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

DSiWare is set to blast off into a DS space shooter from Saturnine Games, Cosmos X2.

The project, according to PocketGamer originally announced back in 2007 for the DS, is now heading to Nintendo's download service complete with all the intense shooting action one can shake a joystick at.

You'll have 3 weapons at your disposal, with one active at any given time - the other two slowly replenishing after you defeat enemies. The first, Power, offers regular bursts, Attraction provides weaker lasers but absorbs enemy fire whilst the final weapon, Repulsion, spurts out 3 lasers in a spread.

The DSiWare download will offer six levels and three additional bonus modes.

Box art for Cosmos X2








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Awesome, I love my shmups. I'm hoping a few bullet hell shooters available on DSiWare in Japan make it over also.

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