The Story of Okami as a Pop-up Book

By Jorge Ba-oh 13.04.2011 4

The Story of Okami as a Pop-up Book on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Ever wanted a quick recap of the story of Clover Studio's Okami? One fan has designed a gorgeous pop-up book to tell the tale.

Okami is a world brewed with ancient stories, gods, monsters and a palette of vivid colours and rich, orient-inspired designs. The two-minute video brings together key elements of that world in handy pop-up book form! Battles unfold, literally, as Amaterasu ventures forth against evil and darkness.


Via Capcom Unity Blog.

Box art for Okami





Action Adventure



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Meh, it's not even a real book.
Now that would have been note-worthy. And money-worthy on ebay too.

I didn't get it at all... lol Smilie Little text woulda been nice... >_>

What's not to get? An evil shadow falls upon a land, plunging the kingdom into darkness. A hero transforms into a wolf and with the help of a new friend, he destroys the darkness by rejuvenating light gods and then finally rescuing the princess from Gannon.

Oh wait.

But a real popup book would be nice. The popups from the video look fairly simple- the only hardship would be the illustrations.

( Edited 14.04.2011 14:04 by PMD )

I was hoping it was a real book, too. I was ready to pay money for it Smilie

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