Vote For Your Own Xenoblade Chronicles 'Alternative' Cover Art

By Stuart Lawrence 13.05.2011 8

Vote For Your Own Xenoblade Chronicles

Xenoblade Chronicles is getting it's own alternative cover art. Yes, and for their new RPG on the horizon in the UK, Nintendo is letting fans choose from a selection of alternative covers. There are 4 to select from, and the winner will be put on the inside of the regular one.

To vote for a cover, all you need to do is go onto Nintendo's Xenoblade Chronicles webpage and either post or tweet your favourite onto Facebook or Twitter, voting ends on May 25th. Here is one of the alternatives, just to give you a glimpse.

Image for Vote For Your Own Xenoblade Chronicles

In related news, the game is on its way to Australia according to Aussie-Nintendo since it has appeared on the Australian classification board rated M.

Are you looking forward to Xenoblade Chronicles? Which cover art do you like best?

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Pffft (guest) 13.05.2011#1

Where's the option to vote for a North American release?

Neat idea and gets a little bit of talk going about the game. I can't seem to decide whether the one in the news post or this one right here is my favorite. Smilie

Image for

Oh well, even if I could decide for one, I'd still need Facebook or Twitter to vote for it because, believe it or not, I don't have either. Smilie

Also, a M rating for it for Australia? Didn't it get a B from CERO in Japan which is the equivalent of our 12+ rating?

I think Australia's board is a bit too strict for it's own good, hence why they miss out on even more than we do in Europe. It's only because of Fantasy Violence.

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The current favorite is my personal favorite as well Smilie.

At time of writing, this was the one in Stu's article above.

( Edited 14.05.2011 06:59 by Kafei2006 )

Cubed3 Limited Staff :: Review and Feature Writer

I've seen the current favourite change three times so far! Must be pretty close...My choice was the one SirLink posted Smilie

So the main box art will be Nintendo's chosen one, whilst this is merely an alternative included inside the box? Hmm...better than nothing, I suppose.

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1 (the one posted here) can never lose!

I like both the one I posted on the newspost, and the one SirLink posted.

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