Nintendo Releasing more Xenoblade Chronicles Stock

By Jorge Ba-oh 12.09.2011 9

Nintendo Releasing more Xenoblade Chronicles Stock on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo UK has confirmed plans to fix stock shortages for the much sought-after Wii RPG Xenoblade Chronicles.

The Nintendo community has gone absolutely ga-ga over the Monolith-developed game, and there's a strong demand from those unable to pick up their copy during the release weekend.

Many popular retailers, both on and offline, have listed the game as unavailable and with demand still high, the little stock situation is set to be resolved going into the Autumn period.

We are doing everything we can to get more stock of Xenoblade Chronicles into UK shops this autumn. We know how frustrating stock shortages can be for people, and we are disappointed when even one customer cannot get hold of one of our products.

Have you gotten your copy of Xenoblade Chronicles yet?

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When are we going to see sales numbers for this? Because I've had the impression that it's a niche game and won't be able to compete with other games...
Looks like I was wrong.

Well, it was fourth in the UK charts in the first week, then it disappeared due to selling out, so it's probably going to sell in it's 100's of thousands once they sort out the stock shortages (one can hope).

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In the US, the stock situation is much, much worse, and it doesn't look like things will get better, unfortunately. Smilie

Cubed3 lets not go all tabloid with the write up. A small shipment with no reserve is more likely to cause such a problem. I ordered mine from HMV recently but I doubt they will keep to the 5-8 working days.

Our member of the week

Yeah teh situation seems to be that there were so few copies put on shelves, sadly. Or maybe retailers didn't preorder enough copies, causing Nintendo to not produce enough copies in the beginning (because it's a Wii game... and fans of the genre have most likely moved along and went to the competition instead. I know some retailers who reason like that and won't stock games which they know they'll struggle to sell). Looks like it just sold beyond either Nintendo's expectations or the retailer's. Either way, that's still a positive sign for the game.

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I nievely thought I could pick up a copy when i got paid. I knew I was going to have problems when amazon stated shiping would take 2-3weeks.

I think this game got so much hype that it will actually sell pretty good. Think I might just hop back onto Bionis now and have som fun Smilie

Look NoA, people are really buying the game! So why don't you get some of that stock for those less fortunate in North America...

Small shipment yes, but surely a strong demand is reason enough to cause a need for a top-up.

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