Love Xenoblade? Win Pandora's Tower and Last Story Vouchers

By Jorge Ba-oh 05.10.2011 2

Love Xenoblade? Win Pandora

Nintendo are embracing the remaining must-have Wii games with a competition for Xenoblade owners to share their love.

The European arm this week launched a competition on the official Xenoblade Chronicles website urging owners to express their fondness for the Wii-exclusive adventure via a video. Bunch together footage of what you feel others should see and the winning entry will be posted on the game's official YouTube page. Snazzy!

Entries must be submitted by 18th October.

There'll be 5 finalists with a grand overall winner. The top prize also includes vouchers that can be redeemed on both the upcoming 2012 Wii games The Last Story and Pandora's Tower. Runners-up can bag either of the two games.

For more details see the Xenoblade Chronicles website.

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Damn, I need a capture card.

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