First Football Up! Nintendo 3DS Screens

By Adam Riley 17.11.2012

First Football Up! Nintendo 3DS Screens on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The soccer game that triumphed on WiiWare now arrives stronger than ever on Nintendo 3DS. Football Up 3D! is a funny football game that allows total control of any action of the team players: control the ball, dribble and shoot with special added effects to confuse the goalkeeper and score vital goals.

The ball has inertia and will move freely over the field. Show world class ability to control it and make short and long passes. Choose the height, effect and power before shooting and become a football master, making rival defenders tremble.

Image for First Football Up! Nintendo 3DS Screens

Image for First Football Up! Nintendo 3DS Screens

  • Send the complete Football Up! 3D game using the Download and Play Mode
  • Create personalised teams using Mii characters
  • Two players with a single game
  • Free Control Ball; the ball has inertial free movement
  • Full 3D stereoscopic visuals
  • Total control of height, direction and special effect in each pass and shot made
  • Play in the World Cup.
Each country has its national team and personalised teams can also be created with the in-game editor: give it the name of choice, select its equipment and, most importantly, play with Mii characters saved in the Nintendo 3DS Mii Maker.

Box art for Football Up 3D
Also known as

Soccer Up 3D









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