Battle Through a Hero Bank 2 Teaser Trailer

By Jorge Ba-oh 26.08.2014

Battle Through a Hero Bank 2 Teaser Trailer on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

More action-based number crunching as SEGA has put together a teaser trailer for Hero Bank 2.

Coming to the Nintendo 3DS and arcade, the game follows on from the first with protagonist Kaito Gosho leaping into the fighting ring to beat up robots in exchange for coins. It's not all punches and kicks, however, with players having to think tactically, using earned money towards moves and upgrades.

The new footage highlights some of the more RPG-based elements; town exploration, story sequences and some of the friends that players will encounter in the follow-up adventure.


What do you think of the Hero Bank 2 concept?

Box art for Hero Bank 2





2D Platformer



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