Nintendo Direct Airing Tomorrow, 14th January

By Az Elias 13.01.2015 10

Nintendo Direct Airing Tomorrow, 14th January on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Nintendo has announced a Nintendo Direct presentation for tomorrow, 14th January.

The news will focus on upcoming games to be released during the Spring 2015 period, and will be hosted by company President Satoru Iwata and Nintendo of Europe President Satoru Shibata.

Tune into the Nintendo Direct website at 2pm UK time (3pm CET / 6am PT), where the presentation will be streamed tomorrow.

What are you hoping to see more information on during the Nintendo Direct?

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Was hoping to see a trailer for the second Mario Kart 8 DLC pack or at least more details, though if it's focusing on Spring releases then I guess that won't happen. I expect New 3DS release information, for sure!

Wasn't Splatoon and Mario Maker penned for a Spring release? Would love to see more on those, too! Smilie

Spring is generally considered to be March, April, May. Could defo get some MK8 DLC info.

Yes finnally a Nintendo Direct......Hopeing to see info on Xenoblade and the New 3ds release date. Plus mabey a little Zelda.......

Azuardo said:
Spring is generally considered to be March, April, May. Could defo get some MK8 DLC info.

Nice, I'll keep my fingers crossed then!

Need Wario Colosseum in there and Cheese Land!

My predictions:

We're going to get a release date for N3DS. Recent rumours from Gamestop higher-ups suggest early- to mid-February, along with a trade-in credit if you trade in an old 3DS. I'd be surprised if this doesn't happen in the direct.

We're likely to see more of Project S.T.E.A.M., Majora's Mask 3D (maybe they'll talk about some N3DS-exclusive features), maybe a little Splatoon, maybe a little Mario Maker, probably some Monster Hunter 4. We'll probably see new DLC info for Mario Kart, Super Smash (meaning Miiverse stage and Mewtwo) and/or Hyrule Warriors.

Less likely would be something from Star Fox, Zelda U, Xenoblade Chronicles X (though it wouldn't surprise me if Japan's direct has some Xeno stuff, considering the game should be out sooner over there).

Probably something Amiibo-related, like how some of these new games will use them, or another wave of the little guys. Also maybe some focus on N3DS having Amiibo support, and the Amiibo adapter for old 3DS.

There will probably be one or two surprises, maybe something along the lines of a new game announcement (Animal Crossing for Wii U?), footage from Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei (it's supposed to release this year after all, and we've seen nothing beyond the first teaser), maybe whatever Pokemon Company keeps teasing (Emerald? Pokken Tournament port? New game entirely?). I also recall the Bayonetta team said they had some exciting stuff going on, maybe Bayonetta 3 is already in the works. That game was nominated for and/or won a ton of awards, it wouldn't surprise me to see Nintendo try to keep it going.

I'm pretty excited. Nintendo Directs are like a mini Christmases every month, lol. Hopefully I can pry myself out of bed and watch it/help out with news.

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If this this picture is true:
we might get the New 3DS pretty fast... together with MM3D. If MM gets released on Feb. 13.... that's so soon! I wanted to play some other Zelda games first.
Oh well, better early than late.

For this podcast I'm hoping:
- New 3DS release date + info
- MM3D release date + info
- MM DLC for HW shown + release date
- Amiibo support detailed for a few games
- Amiibo unlocks costumes in Splatoon
- Amiibo gives masks in MM3D, but they're only for decoration, they don't have powers
- Selfies in MM3D!!! Smilie
- And how about a surprise announcement like Metroid or F-Zero?

My predictions:
- More Splatoon footage
- More Majora's Mask 3DS Details and date
- N3DS Launch Plans
- Smash Bros. DLC Details/Date
- Xenoblade Chronicles X Footage
- Some indie releases, 3DS games
- Bravely Second announcement

Don't think they will show:
- Star Fox Wii U
- Zelda Wii U

Hoping for:
At least a surprise announcement - Metroid/F-Zero, with teaser trailer

Cubed3 Admin/Founder & Designer

New 3DS, Majora's Mask, and MH4 on the same day? Nobody bankrupts me like Nintendo.

Also, I want a Splatoon Amiibo. The Inklings are gosh darn adorable.

NNID: crackedthesky
My blog, mostly about writing:

The entire Direct could only announce Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate's release date and a nifty special edition for Europe and it would still be considered a win in my book. Smilie

I think they'll have some 3DS stuff we don't know about yet, maybe a few release dates for things they showed last E3 like Splatoon and Kirby since no release date has been announced for rainbow paintbrush in the EU.  

That and MH4, along with Smash DLC or something.

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