Fire Emblem Warriors Heads to Switch

By Jorge Ba-oh 13.01.2017 2

Fire Emblem Warriors Heads to Switch on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

The Fire Emblem series is set to take a more action twist with Fire Emblem Warriors announced for Nintendo Switch.

During the Nintendo Switch Presentation this morning, Nintendo teased the upcoming project in a short trailer. Koei Tecmo will once again blend Nintendo franchises with its own action-packed Warriors series. Expect a number of familiar faces from the Fire Emblem series, a heap of weapons and intense combat.


Koei Tecmo had previously worked with Nintendo on the well-received Hyrule Warriors, which saw various DLC packs and post-launch content introduced.

Box art for Fire Emblem Warriors

Koei Tecmo







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Really enjoyed Hyrule Warriors.

If I was a fan of the Fire Emblem series (I've never really played any of the games) I would almost certainly be getting this.

Very good news. This one had to happen.

(Koei, my FF Musou when??)

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