CRKD Launching Nitro Deck for Nintendo Switch

By Adam Riley 14.06.2023

CRKD Launching Nitro Deck for Nintendo Switch on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Embracer Freemode has announced its new CRKD branded range of premium gaming gear offering distinct, collectible products, designed to enhance play for passionate gamers. Created in Freemode's technology incubation lab, CRKD is a collaborative project, brought to life by creators in gaming hardware with decades of experience in software, industrial design, artwork, engineering, and consumer electronic launches.

Each core product in the range connects via the 'True Collection System', a companion app for iOS and Android, which utilises proprietary technology to securely verify digital proof of physical ownership.

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The first product to launch will be the Nitro Deck, a professional Handheld Deck for Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch OLED consoles. An essential product for the dedicated Switch user, gamers slide their screen into the Nitro Deck for a highly elevated handheld experience. Thumbsticks with Hall Effect sensors eliminate stick drift and the Thumbstick Toppers can be swapped out for different designs to suit desired preference. Connection via USB-C (instead of relying on Bluetooth) ensures ultra-low latency for the most demanding of games, and for professional control, a series of re-mappable Back Buttons provide users with extra versatility to express their play style.

On the rear of the Nitro Deck, players will find a plug-and-play USB-C input, allowing charging of their system whilst gaming, as well as a USB-C output for simple connection to the Nintendo Switch Dock, so that gamers can use the Nitro Deck as an external controller without the screen should they wish.

All products in the CRKD range will be designed with the enthusiast in mind. At launch, seven variations of the Nitro Deck will be available. The range includes White, Black and Grey colours, as well as limited edition Classic Grey and Retro Purple, the first two products in the CRKD Nostalgia Collection.

CRKD is also partnering with Limited Run Games for a day one collaboration, demonstrating Freemode's commitment to working with group companies across strategic projects. Upon launch, Limited Run Games will launch two limited edition Nitro Decks in Atomic Purple and Glacier Blue. Capped to a production run of 1,000 units per colour, these two designs will only be available via the Limited Run Games website which is accepting pre-orders now.

The four limited edition Nitro Decks each comes complete with a high-quality Carry Case, a 5m (8.2ft) USB-C cable and an additional set of Thumbstick Toppers.

Renowned hardware art designer POPeArt will be working on a variety of upcoming designs for the Nitro Deck, a further collaboration presenting a series of fresh and creative designs for fans.

Nitro Deck the Professional Handheld Deck is expected to start shipping in September 2023 and will retail for a standard retail price of: US$59.99, with limited edition Nitro Decks retailing for US$89.99.

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