Tech Up! Trust Fayzo 489 Gaming Headset

By Luke Hemming 04.11.2023

Cubed3 is all for sustainability if that conscientiousness doesn't come at the detriment of quality. Trust is continuing its commitment to the environment with its planet friendly products being created with as much recycled materials as possible. The newest entrant, the Fayzo 489 Gaming Headset, aims to keep prices and damage to the environment down without any compromise in sound quality, achieving the majority of its objectives.

Going with the always in fashion black, aesthetically, nothing major is going to surprise or astound in terms of headset design. This isn't a criticism, however, as these give a professional looking feel that will adapt to most gaming/ office setups easily without looking at all out of place. Sound may be the leading factor in a headset purchase but plenty of options have come through the Cubed3 doors with vomit inducing design, not so here, sleek and simple being the choice.

Ear pads on the Fayzo 489 Gaming Headset are large and well padded, providing the essential comfort needed for long gaming sessions. As with previous models wearing these for an extended period is a breeze with no real noticeable discomfort. The holy grail of any headset is to firstly ensure a comfortable fit. With a lightweight overhead banding holding those pads too, the first hurdle in considering a purchase has been leapt over. Inside those buds are the now standard 50mm drivers found in the latest Trust products giving a powerful sound to anything happening on screen. Standard buttons for volume control and microphone muting are easily accessible on the headset itself and for the budget price these are sold for (around £29.99), nothing has been left out in terms of what would be expected.

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Audio wise, these are as loud as hoped, providing a more than passable service in differentiating between low to high bands and providing clear distinction between sounds during gameplay. Obviously for the price point these are not going to provide the sound quality of some higher range, far more expensive alternatives however, these are perfectly serviceable with no noticeable issues. The detachable microphone also provides clear voice chat due to the now expected pop filter. As well as the preferred option of using this with a gaming console, the 3.5mm aux cable and adapter allow for use with PCs and mobile devices too. Again, expected in this day and age but always welcome to find in the bottom of the box.

Rated 7 out of 10

Very Good - Bronze Award

Rated 7 out of 10
To be perfectly honest, not a lot can be said for the Fayzo 489 Gaming Headset. A perfectly serviceable pair of headphones that does everything that should be expected to a standard befitting the price point. Perfectly usable and indistinct enough to fit within any setup. Nothing here is going to blow you away when purchasing, however, if in the market for a budget headset with both build and sound quality, this is certainly one to consider.

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