Tech Up! Skullcandy PLYR Headset Review

By Sandy Kirchner-Wilson 17.02.2024

Cubed3 is no stranger to the Skullcandy tech line-up, having adored the ANC Crusher Bluetooth headset which, proverbially, blew us away. However, their offerings are numerous and exciting. Especially the new PLYR headset which is specifically targeted at gamers who want sublime sound piqued some interest. Can it outperform the competition?


What is the Skullcandy PLYR?
Skullcandy's PLYR headset comes in a box that sings. The colourful outside shows the headset itself and lists its top features as well as some tech specs for the more informed tech buyer. Primarily, the focus is on the platforms the headset supports; PlayStation, Xbox, PC, Nintendo Switch and any Bluetooth devices. This impressive spectrum means there really isn't anyone who can't enjoy the device.

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This headset offers a unique aesthetic to the wearer with a very sleek clear plastic design threaded with a vibrant and visible flat, pink cable. A small blue skull adorns each side and the thicker bits of the headband feature a cool and colourful pattern. These are definitely not professional looking and err more towards the fun bright aesthetic of gaming gear. The ear cups themselves have clear plastic backs but are made of opaque black plastic with lovely spongy memory foam pads. One thing many will be glad to know is that despite initial impressions they don't have any RGB lighting, so battery life is going to be elongated.

What's in the box?
The PLYR comes with the headset itself alongside the required USB-A to USB-C charging and 3mm connective cables, all of which conforming to a single lovely aesthetic. The headset comes in three parts as there is a connectible headband which is soft and stretchy, allowing for quite some flexibility in sizes as well as the microphone which is optional and slots into the headset's left side. There are also the usual warranty docs and user guides.

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There is an optional 2.4Hz wireless connector available from Skullcandy though this wasn't available during the review, but this would open up further connection options.

What are they like to use?
These are possibly the most comfortable headphones ever conceived. The lightweight materials, soft and malleable ear cups alongside the flexible headband make these uber comfortable in a pretty much indescribable way. Usually headsets, especially wireless ones, come with a significant weight to them as well as things like faux leather and hard headbands which makes them hard to wear for more than a short journey or online game. During review this device was used for music, gaming, travel and the reviewer even fell asleep wearing them a couple of times on an overnight train. The comfort really can't be overstated. 

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The default sound profile and design is sublime with nice deep bass and clear mid and high tones. It also interfaces with Sony's 3D audio systems to offer enhanced sound when playing supporting PlayStation games alongside Windows Sonic for supporting PCs. For gamers or listeners who feel the default sound isn't cutting it they can get the Skullcandy IQ app on their phone or Skullcandy HQ on PC. These allow for changing EQs and other factors of the sound profile to enhance sound quality for the user's particular hearing. Doing the included sound test results in a personal sound setting which can drastically improve sound quality and also offers an insight into the user's hearing! This is also where the headset will receive firmware updates so it's highly recommended to use the apps! 

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The detachable microphone is pretty good, it offers clear audio on calls and does its best using ClearVoice to filter out background sound. During review it was used to present a stream and the voice had the usual Bluetooth muffling but was clearer than the Sony Pulse headset released alongside PS5. When using the aforementioned Skullcandy app, players can also adjust the levels of game sound to chat for improved communications during online play. 

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In terms of battery life this headset is killer. For review it received an initial charge to 100% and it lasted well over a week with fairly heavy usage each day. This beats the ANC headsets which tend to drain more battery with their ANC features. Obviously as it lacks that tech it blocks a lot less environmental sound, but this never really seemed to be an issue even on public transport. One of the most enjoyable listening experiences and tests was listening to Nintendo's new 2024 Zelda Concert which they added to YouTube in February. The whole orchestra is clear, even through YouTube compression. 

Rated 9 out of 10

Exceptional - Gold Award

Rated 9 out of 10
The PLYR headset is fantastic, the comfort and clarity of sound really make this a worthwhile purchase and not just for gaming! Being able to use it across such a gamut of devices is also incredible, offering flexibility alongside quality which some headsets just don't achieve. With a modest price point and a cool aesthetic this headset is an excellent pick and comes highly recommended.

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