Tech Up! Gamesir T4 Cyclone Pro Review

By Luke Hemming 24.02.2024

Chinese manufactures Gamesir currently seems to be on a major roll, pumping out new hardware and accessories at a record pace. It seems like a new piece of kit crosses the Cubed3 desk on a weekly basis. With so many products hitting the market, there is always a concern that build quality might suffer in place of a speedy release. With a superb track record in terms of hardware so far, its no surprise that the Gamesir T4 Cyclone Pro lives up to anything that has come previously, as well as building upon those offerings in vital areas.

Working again on the ethos of building high performance controllers at an affordable price point, it's an amazing feat that so much is available in this package without breaking the bank. One sticking point around some Gamesir products, however, has been the design aesthetic. Choosing to make something that really sticks out on a shelf has been a bold choice, but in this reviewer's mind, a great one. The more outlandish the design the better, just because it looks different, the comfortable feeling in the hands has always remained. Massively different to previous offerings with clear plastic and funky lights, the Gamesir T4 Cyclone Pro goes for the sleek black look, ensuring a wider appeal on all fronts. It's a good choice for newcomers to take a punt on a Gamesir product, one that will pay off for both them and the customer once they see what they are getting for their buck. Focusing on a standard Xbox layout with additional macro buttons on the back, this wont look out of place on any shelf when piled up next to other standard controllers.
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As expected, additional buttons can be assigned for bespoke needs while playing. This can be anything from quick braking to quick reloading. This now seems to be a standard in third party controllers so nothing less is expected. What isn't a standard but something Gamesir has excelled at however, is its hall-effect triggers. For the uninitiated, hall-effect triggers use magnets for greater sensitivity and less wear on the controller itself. A great feature that hopefully will continue in all future products and again, for the price point, a massive selling point. A quick switch is also included to switch between a hair trigger and standard analog for anything that doesn't require precision pew-pew'ing.
The previous Kaelid controller lacked the inclusion of Bluetooth support. This has been rectified here along with the standard USB-C port and a new phone clip port for Android Mobile gaming. Although this clip is not included within the box, its nice to have the option if the mood takes. The headphone jack is now not available due to this addition but with the Bluetooth connectivity, not a massive issue in this day and age. If any direct connection via Bluetooth is having difficulty, a dongle is also included for a clear connection. Android tablets, PC's and even the Switch will all work here with no issues. Speaking of which, plugging this into a PC allows access to all the necessary tweaks in terms of triggers and buttons, with a quick switch option to change the layout to a standard Switch controller.

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Rated 9 out of 10

Exceptional - Gold Award

Rated 9 out of 10
Gamesir has yet again delivered with the Gamesir T4 Cyclone Pro, providing another fantastic controller and making it a very affordable option. It's clear that reviews have been taken into account and additional features, such as the Bluetooth connectivity, have ensured that, as long as you are happy with a standard aesthetic, this is the third party controller you've been looking for.

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