News: Skullcandy EcoBuds True Wireless Earbuds

By Lilly Kirchner 06.03.2024

Can style, sound and environmentally friendly design be combined? Skullcandy says "Yes!" with its release of the EcoBuds True Wireless Earbuds. Made with 65% certified recycled plastics and 57% fewer heavy metals, the battery-free charging case comes in a sleek, minimalistic 'Glacier' style design that is open-case to reduce the use of plastic even further. By eliminating the need for lithium batteries in the case, these earbuds reduce their carbon footprint by 50%, while still allowing for 8 hours of use and featuring rapid charge technology. The EcoBuds are now available for purchase on the Skullcandy website for £29.99.

Image for News: Skullcandy EcoBuds True Wireless Earbuds

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