News: Logiart Grimoire Release Date Announced

By Lilly Kirchner 11.03.2024

Logiart Grimoire, developed by Jupiter, has been in early access since September 2023. Since then, Jupiter has worked closely with players to improve the title and has since successfully funded the full version via Kickstarter. Now, Logiart Grimoire is scheduled to release on Steam on the 15th of March 2024, with a release for Nintendo Switch scheduled for April this year.
In Logiart Grimoire, players can solve number puzzles referred to as "Logiart" (also known as "Picross" from the Picross series) and word puzzles called "Fusion", which in turn create new Logiarts.
The full version of the title comes with new additions, including a new set of languages, new screens and puzzles, enhancements of certain customisation features, and further features and elements that were unavailable in early access. Puzzles lovers can look forward to brand-new challenge!

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