INSiGHT: Princess Peach: Showtime! Launch Event

By Lilly Kirchner 14.03.2024

Nintendo is probably best known for its Super Mario series (citation needed). Mario, his brother Luigi, Bowser and of course Princess Peach have been Nintendo staples for what feels like an eternity. Of course, most of the time it is Mario who everybody focuses on. It is about time that Princess Peach gets her own time to shine, and what could be better for this than her second solo outing? Princess Peach: Showtime! allows our favourite princess to finally take the centre stage and slip into different roles! For the launch of this title, Nintendo hosted a launch event that two Cubed3 writers were invited to attend. What can they report back?


Nintendo's venue of choice was Lio London, which was handily situated right at Leicester Square. After leaving jackets and bags at the cloak room, it was time to see what Nintendo had prepared for the evening. Up around the top of the room on the mezzanine level, there were two booths allowing guests to play the (almost) full game, as well as setups with comfortable couches and TVs to play some other games pre-loaded onto a number of Nintendo Switch consoles.

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Stairs lead down to the ballroom below, which was packed with booths to play the Princess Peach: Showtime! demo and further activities for guests to enjoy. We first started out by giving the full game a go to get an even better impression of what we can expect. Lilly especially enjoyed the Ninja level, whereas Sandy had a hard time deciding which part he preferred most: Cowgirl or Pastry Chef? As expected, the game runs smoothly and is surprisingly varied. The different costumes come with different abilities and gameplay styles, while still keeping controls simple. This means that Princess Peach: Showtime! is fun for adults and children alike, and we are looking forward to playing the full game!

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Playing the game was only the core part of this launch event. Indeed, there was a host of activities to complete, and every guest received a stamp card to collect stamps at each activity, which in the end could be submitted for the chance to win a game bundle. While enjoying everything that was going on, there were wonderful people walking around with trays full of drinks and food, all tasting fantastic (the food and drinks that is). Apart from the normal choice of soft drinks, there were Princess Peach themed mocktails, which were absolutely amazing. For anyone with a sweet tooth, there was also a whole stall full of Princess Peach themed cupcakes.

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The different activities ensured that guests were kept on their toes. Throwing rings onto cacti could win you a cowboy/girl hat or a bandanna. A photo booth with props to dress up like Princess Peach in the game allowed guests to slip into different roles, such as thief, detective, pastry chef or ninja, with photos being both emailed and printed immediately to take home. There was also an opportunity to get a polaroid photo taken in front of a photo wall. Finally, there was of course the opportunity for some much needed networking with others in the industry, and running into old friends.

Naturally, after playing the game (and enjoying one or two mocktails), we went straight to throwing rings onto cacti - and failed embarrassingly. It being much harder than it looked, we walked away only with stamps on our little activity card and a broken ego - however we were determined to return later to try again. And again. And Again. Until we finally won a bandanna. It was so hard, but fun nonetheless!

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Our next adventure took us to the photo booth, all while grabbing tasty snacks here and there. The choice of dress-up items was extensive, and it wasn't easy to decide what to wear! In the end, Lilly went for the Dashing Thief outfit, while Sandy chose the Sword Fighter outfit! One stamp and a memorable photograph richer, we then decided we needed a break from the hustle and bustle on the ballroom floor, so up the stairs again we went. Sitting down on one of the sofas, we decided on a quick round of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, where Sandy just about won (it was all luck!). That little reset was enough to retrieve the energy for another venture downstairs to retrieve a sweet cupcake and more food and drink.

Throughout the whole evening, both venue and Nintendo staff were fantastic - extremely helpful and friendly, and always available for questions. It was a whirlwind of impressions, in every sense of the word, all mixed into the excitement of being able to try out the brand-new game we're looking forward to.

Nintendo has managed to throw a fantastic launch event for Princess Peach: Showtime!, encapsulating the excited anticipation and ramping it up to 110%. The launch event was fittingly thrown in a fantastic ballroom, fit for a princess, with activities, food and drink that entertained the guests to the max. As such, we cannot wait for the final release of Princess Peach: Showtime!

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