Tech Up! Skullcandy Grom Headphones for Kids

By Lilly Kirchner 17.03.2024

As far sound goes, Skullcandy has managed to really make a name for itself. From headphones and earbuds over speakers all the way to gaming headsets, Skullcandy provides both wired and wireless alternatives with a range of functionality and price tags. Until recently, these items were mainly developed with adults in mind, but now there is something new: headphones for children. Developed with children in mind, can these headphones compare to their adult counterparts?


Skullcandy has not released one, but two versions of these headphones: the Grom Headphones for Kids and the Grom Wireless Headphones for Kids, both of which were thoroughly inspected by this reviewer's nieces Anna (3 years) and Elsa (5 years).

Grom Headphones for Kids
Starting with the Grom Headphones for Kids, these come in two colours: bone/seafoam or surf blue. For this review, Cubed3 was provided a surf blue set. The box for this set has a similar design to previously reviewed headphones by Skullcandy - in other words, appealing perhaps more to the adult rather than a child. Inside are the headphones and the manual, which is fairly short as the functionalities of the headphones are kept simple and kid-friendly.
The 'surf blue' colour is beautiful and a great choice for little kids - however, as both Anna and Elsa pointed out, they would have loved a different colour: pink, a colour that is beloved by many little girls. Perhaps a wider range of colour would appeal to a wider audience of children.
This set of headphones is wired, meaning that it needs to be plugged into an AUX connection. This means that the sound is absolutely fantastic, it is crisp and clear. Furthermore, the built-in microphone also records in a surprisingly clear fashion, which is truly impressive for a set meant for children. The downside here is that the cable looks like it can be pulled out, which it can't, and that there is a chance of it breaking.

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The set folds up but does not come with a case. Both Anna's and Elsa's parents agree that a case would make not only transportation easier, but also decrease the risk of damage.
This set was primarily tested by Anna, who is only three years old. Thanks to the adjustable headband, it was no issue fitting them on Anna's tiny head, for her to wear them comfortably. She agreed that they were very comfortable - they are light and the faux leather covered earpieces are very soft and fit comfortable over the ears, covering them fully. It was easy for Anna to adjust the volume using the volume wheel once shown where it was and how it works - kids are fast learners! The volume, by the way, is limited to 85dB - but with a little extra force, this can be overridden for louder situations, although even then it doesn't increase the volume that much more. What is cute is the little red Skullcandy logo that appears when the override is active, not unlike a little warning sign.
Another feature of these headphones are the button controls. Instead of different buttons, all children have to do is press onto the left earpiece. A single push pauses (or plays) music, two skip forward, three skip backwards, and holding it can activate voice assistance for devices that offer them. This way of pausing and playing music was pure delight for Anna, who could not get enough of it.
Of course, Anna has her sister Elsa, and as such they may wish to enjoy some media together. Parents know how tedious car rides can get when all they get to listen to are children's music and audio books. It is not always the case that each child has their own device either. This is something Skullcandy has considered and therefore added a share audio port, allowing for a second set of headphones to be connected and share audio. This works an absolute charm and is really handy - both Anna and Elsa were absolutely blown away!

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Grom Wireless Headphones for Kids
The Grom Wireless Headphones for Kids are very similar in design to their wired counterpart, with the difference that it has no fixed cables and is able to connect to devices via Bluetooth. This is easy enough and works well - additionally, a separate AUX port and included AUX cable ensure that music can enjoyed even if the battery is empty. The headphones can be charged with the included USB-C cable and allow for a whopping 45 hours of wireless listening time. Adding to that, the set features rapid charge technology, meaning that a mere 10 minutes of charging allow for 4 hours of battery life - perfect for last minute plans.

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Other than the wireless features, the functionality is the same as the wired version - this also includes a second audio port allowing for another pair of headphones to connect for shared listening. This even works when the headphones are connected via Bluetooth. Indeed, when Elsa tested the headphones, being connected via Bluetooth, Anna was able to plug her wired pair into the shared audio port and both were able to listen to the music together. This is a fantastic feature for car rides, as it allows the wireless pair to connect to a tablet via Bluetooth, and for both children to be able to enjoy a movie together by sharing the audio.
The audio is fantastic, both when being connected via Bluetooth or when using the AUX connection; very clear and crisp, but again not too loud (of course), sound, that is ideal for sensitive children's ears. The built-in microphone is a bit more muffled when used via Bluetooth connection, but that is to be expected and not a particular problem.
Generally, Elsa absolutely loved the headphones - especially since they allowed her to move around freely while listening to music, but she also loved the comfort, the fit and the button functionalities. The only downside was, yet again, the choice of colour. After all, Elsa is a little girl that loves pink, and while the black with the blue-green highlights looks fantastic and pretty cool, it just wasn't her favourite.

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Rated 9 out of 10

Exceptional - Gold Award

Rated 9 out of 10
Skullcandy has shown that good quality headphones for kids can be functional, affordable and stylish. Both Anna and Elsa are in love with the Grom Headphones, both the wired and the wireless versions, and their parents agree that the comfort and functionality designs are truly impressive and very practical. A travel case and some additional colour choices would be ideal, but overall, the Grom (Wireless) Headphones for Kids are fantastic and well worth it.

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