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By Lilly Kirchner 02.04.2024

Skullcandy offers a large variety of products, from fancy headphones with personalised sound to budget options that still score with fantastic functionality. Most recently, the Skullcandy EcoBuds were introduced, promising the same sound experience that Skullcandy is known for but coming with reduced environmental impact. What are they all about?

From the get-go, the eco-friendly approach for the Skullcandy EcoBuds is apparent by its minimalistic packaging design. Indeed, the box, made from recycled cardboard, is very small - no bells or whistles here. Unfortunately, the otherwise eco-friendly box was secured with sticky tape, so not completely free of plastic.

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Inside is exactly what one would expect: the buds in their case and a manual. They look fantastic - the glacier design is both uncommon and very well implemented. The case itself does not have a lid, meaning that the buds are only held in by the force of magnets alone. This open case was a deliberate choice to reduce the use of plastic further, but feels somewhat less secure, and perhaps an alternative material could have been used here. The charger for these buds is integrated into the case. The cable is quite short and comes with a USB-C end. It could be argued that the cable itself is inconveniently short, and USB-C seems to be an odd choice, until the realisation hits that this means that the buds can be charged by being plugged into a phone. This is handy, as the case itself does not actually charge the buds - indeed, it comes without a battery altogether. This is another deliberate design choice to reduce the use of lithium for this product. On the one hand, this makes a lot of sense. After all, the buds can keep a charge of 8 hours, and the case does allow rapid charge, where 10 minutes of charging allows for 2 hours of battery life. It is not dissimilar to how a set of wireless over-ear headphones would be charged and used when at home, with the added bonus that the buds can be charged via a phone when out and about. On the other hand, phones nowadays run out of power fast enough as it is, so using it to charge earbuds may backfire. Additionally, if no phone or computer with USB-C ports are nearby, it may be difficult to find an adapter for charging the buds directly, as most adapters are still made for USB.

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The fit of the buds is amazing. They feel very secure and comfortable to wear, as they are very light. The sound is, as expected, also incredible. There are actually 3 preset EQ modes: music, bass boost, and podcast. Everything is clear and the buds do a good job of keeping background noise at bay, as well. 
Touch control is incredibly responsive, allowing for a variety of functions. Music can be paused and played, it can be skipped forwards or rewound, and sound can be increased or decreased. The only downside is that, other than with overhead headphones with buttons, the patterns for touch control need to be memorised here and are easy to mix up.
Either bud can be used solo, which is a big plus for situations such as work or other times one wishes to stay aware. The buds are also water-resistant, making them quite a good option for rainy days or working out at the gym. Both worked indeed quite well, and the good fit ensured the buds stayed in the ear even when working out, which was great. 

Rated 8 out of 10

Great - Silver Award

Rated 8 out of 10
More eco-friendly than other comparable items, the Skullcandy EcoBuds come with a great design, awesome sound and lots of functions. The case without battery means that the buds won't charge when in the case alone, but the buds themselves hold hours of charge and can be charged up quickly, so this doesn't really pose a big issue. The design is lovely and the fit is great. These buds are the perfect eco-friendly alternative for music lovers.

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