News: Skullcandy unveils the New Active Collection

By Lilly Kirchner 03.07.2024

News: Skullcandy unveils the New Active Collection on Nintendo gaming news, videos and discussion

Skullcandy's newest collection of true wireless earbuds are aimed at sport enthusiasts looking for the perfect set of earbuds to accompany their exercise adventures! The collection features three types of earbuds, ranging in price and functionality.
The Skullcandy Push ANC Active True Wireless Earbuds promise to be a fantastic gadget for sport enthusiasts, coming with ear hooks to ensure a save fit. These earbuds feature the active noise cancelling (ANC) technology, Stay Aware Mode, Personal Sound, and are sweat- and waterproof - and these are just some of the features!
Similar features are available for the Skullcandy Sesh ANC Active True Wireless Earbuds, which come without ear hooks but still rock a fantastic look.
Finally, the Skullcandy Push Play Active True Wireless Earbuds come as the budget option, without ANC technology or Personal Sound, but still boast a Stay Aware mode and sweat and water resistance amongst other features. This set also comes with ear hooks, so it is ideal for running or similar activities that require a saver fit.
Apart from the fantastic features, each set of earbuds comes in a fantastic and tasteful design, of course featuring the Skullcandy logo. We're looking forward to finding out more!

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