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By Jorge Ba-oh 27.02.2007 10

EA has released details on the upcoming Wii/DS exclusive Sims entry, MySims, taking players into a brand new Nintendo-inspired world where Sims can interact with themselves and others in a unique way.

The game allows players to create very different looking Sims characters over those traditionally available in the past. Various accessories and visual treats are on offer, from pig-tails to baseball caps, Mohawks to dreadlocks, there are a multitude of different options on offer

Box art for MySims








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Needs work.

Also, cell-shade the charecters, would look much nicer,imo.

(like the Mii's in the voteing channel) <-- Tells some truly terrible tales.
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i am so preorderin this


I Rule.

Ya, definately needs a bit of work. I hope they offer some DS/Wii game combo package. And I hope to God that they link the two games up!

I personally think the games looks cute but I do also agree, it still needs some work the in visual area.

I suppose if they've got until Autumn before they plan to release it they've got plenty of time to polish up the drab graphics. Saying that, though, I think (and suspect) that this game is a lot more about the depth than the cutesy interface. As long as there's plenty to do, I can't see why this would be anything but a decent game. I don't hold high hopes for the DS version, mind. Smilie

My daughters SOOOOOOO want this. They just gush over the screenshots. As for me, I don't care for Sims, but....... I sooooooo want to play this game. It is sooooooo cute, I love it. I'm a sucker for chibi. If the game reviews above 80, it is an A+ must have for our household.

Yes - it must connect to the DS, EA would be crazy not to - think of the money!!!! There would be so much DS play in the car on trips to compliment Wii play.

Temporarily banned until further notice.

This game looks amazing to me Smilie I'm glad they are doing something totally different for the Wii version.

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Why can't Wii have normal Sims? Big mistake.

Like I said before, the house creation in the other Sims games was the only good bit, and this one still doesn't have it...

Still a proud member of the 'omfg amazing water in games' society

It looks crap. Smilie It looks like one of those internet games that you get a shockwave....Smilie

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