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By Jorge Ba-oh 04.06.2007 4

EA recently sat down and discussed the upcoming Nintendo exclusive Sims game at the game's official presentation in spain on the game's graphical style, audience and exclusive features in this version.

A few choice quotes from the Revo Gamers Interview:

RG: The Sims has always been a franchise aimed at all audiences. Do you think MySims let's say "chibified" style will change that? How?

RH: I would hope not. I think that if you look at the way The Sims have been received in the past, the core value of the franchise is that it's about people and MySims are still people; they still have funny behaviors, you know, they do things, they can be mean to each other, they can have fights, and they can also express themselves in the same kind of ways that the regular PC Sims had in the past. So I would hope that because they can stand next to Mario, they appeal to the same kind of players that Mario appeals to, which should be: everyone.

RG: Could it work on the other platforms?

RH: I would hope so. Just because they look familiar with the Nintendo Universe doesn't mean that they wouldn't fit in other places. Nintendo games work on the DS and the Wii... I think if you could make some games for the PC with these characters it would work quite well.

RG: Creativity or gameplay focused?

RH: MySims is gameplay focused but the gameplay involves creativity. So the focus of the gameplay is to build things and to express yourself with the things that you build and the Sims that you meet and move in. And that way, hopefully we can reach many, many players because lots of different people like to build things. One of the things that makes MySims funny is that you are the designer, you are the player and you can decide what it's like. You can be in control at the whole world and I hope that that actually appeals to a lot of different people.

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Sims franchise has always been my weak point Smilie! I can't look to a sims game without buying it!

This time they threw the house through the window with the new ways to express your creativity, 'cause you'll see this funny (kind of cute) characters doing the same things their past family did.

I'm really looking forward to this game. Hope it's worth the shame!

Udkedae Everywhere! | PSN: Udkedae

I seriously cannot wait to get MySims for the Wii. It just looks like endless creating!!

This game looks really neat. I don't think that players of the other Sims games would enjoy it as much. But they probably should do as it looks better IMO.

Daniel Primed said:
I dont think that players of the other Sims games would enjoy it as much. But they probably should do as it looks better IMO.

I can't hear you! say it! MySims will crack the mold! Smilie

Udkedae Everywhere! | PSN: Udkedae

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