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Nintendo DS Media | Japanese Zelda Phantom Hourglass Adverts

By Adam Riley 07.06.2007 7

Quick News - With the launch of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass only a few weeks away in Japan, Nintendo has already unleashed two different TV adverts to support the game. Check them out below (click the 'right' button under the video for the second one):

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    Box art for The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass





    Action Adventure



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    Looks good. Sounds good. I wonder if all Zelda DS games will come with a Japanese narrator?

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    In a word: "stunning"! Smilie

    Looks nice, it's great that they made CG for the ads. I wonder if we'll get that quality in the west?

    I'm still disappointed it's 100% touch control.

    Twitter | C3 Writer/Moderator | Backloggery

    I'm actually excited about 100% touch control. Too often is a game ruined because a developer tried to do half-and-half. Besides I am very intrigued by the possibilities of the touch screen control.

    I can not wait for this game to come out. I can't believe the Japanese get it so unbelievably soon, and we are all stuck with a vague "Holiday" release date.

    i don't care about anything looks amazing and has zelda in the title...thats enough for me.

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    Oh look it is that game that has been coming out for the last 3000 years.

    I wonder if I will see it in my lifetime.


    Ya beauty!, it looks beautiful, as does the box art, cannot wait. I have to get two copies of this one or lil bro wont be happy. LS

    Image for
    -Cute cover

    My DSs wait in great anticipation Smilie

    Image for

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