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By Adam Riley 16.08.2007 11

Soulcalibur Legends, the adventure spin-off of the popular fighting series, is due for release later this year in Japan and Bandai Namco has now sent out a new batch of screens showing the game in action.

Check out the eleven new images in the folder below and stay tuned for more!

Box art for SoulCalibur Legends

Namco Bandai







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One of the nicer looking Wii games to look forward to Smilie Can't wait to hear more on this game

well personally i don't like the soul calibur games, just another arcade port button masher IMO!!

I think this game is lookin' mighty niiiiice. Smilie

God of War on sedatives.

It's going to be shit and you jolly well know it.

It's looking pretty nice, should look far better in movement, the character models look very good with some but enemies seem a little bland, hopefully within the bulk of the final game there will be more variation in them. {LS]

( Edited on 17.08.2007 00:19 by Linkyshinks )

If its anything like Shaolin Monks i will be getting this.'s looking better and better each time. I may actually buy this if the controls are decent. They're probably not going to be perfect but anything that's not a third-party port instantly goes in my list.

Compare those shots to this, though (SCIV from PS3/360):

EDIT: And for your 'pleasure', here's a piece of art from SCIV:

( Edited on 17.08.2007 06:51 by jesusraz )

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

UNITE714: Weekly Prayers | Bible Verses

Oh, yeah, jesusraz. I find it a bit sad to always drag some hidef-pics from PS3 or X360 and try to compare to them. You are right, the lights thru trees, textures and shadows are looking way smoother and define atmosphere quite nicely. But it's unfair.
And Soulcalibur IV has stages, Legends has levels, which are bigger. The more polygons per square-centimeter the better it looks. Wii-SC looks quite blocky, but considering the hardware, it is truly one of the better Wii games.

But SC always had great textures and graphics. They appear crisp on this screen above and I will check the others shortly. *checking* not bad... Not like characters on SC4, thou. But still great. *pats poor Wii*

I find your lack of faith disturbing!

NightmareItachi said:
well personally i dont like the soul calibur games, just another arcade port button masher IMO!!

Sounds like someone who gets pwned in SC games. SC fighting games have never been button mashers. People who button mash generally get counter attacked constantly. Now this adventure game may bring some button mashing into play, but its SC and none of us have played it so who knows there may be strategic fighting for boss battles.

Comparing those images... just shows how GCish the Wii really is. Oh well, the game still looks great.

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