Mario Golf: Advance Tour (Game Boy Advance) Preview

By Adam Riley 22.04.2004

Camelot is a strange little company. It is not actually owned by Nintendo, yet might as well be since it has only released games that are exclusive to the Home of Mario's systems over the past few years...The developer also has an amazing track record now, what with its RPG versions of Mario Golf and Tennis on the GBC as well as the Golden Sun duo on the GBA. Therefore it is with great aplomb that we take a gander at the latest title with a twist from the RPG specialists, Mario Golf: Advance Tour. Read on to see if it lands on the green or is a complete Bogey...

Having played the GameCube's Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour since its release over in the US of A last July, the one thing that can be said about it is that whilst being a superb golf title, there is definitely something missing from the experience...and that is an RPG mode! Yes, okay, golf games do not normally have that sort of element, but come is like a Career Mode, except far more interesting. Cue Camelot and the new little brother to complement Toadstool Tour.

Screenshot for Mario Golf: Advance Tour on Game Boy Advance

The ante has really been upped since the Game Boy Colour version came out, which it definitely should have been to be honest, after all there has been five years between releases! Not only has the game improved, but your skills will have to be honed to perfection this time round if you are to even earn a modicum of respect from the other golfers in the Mushroom Kingdom. You can wander around, listening to the latest news as it happens by visiting the clubhouse, develop your skills in the game's various little challenge modes, such as Go-Go Gates and Club Slots or even play against your friends and the computer as you make your way to the top of the table and become a Golf Champion. Remember that you can send your character over to the GameCube version of Mario Golf as well, if you so desire...

When you think you are ready you can begin the main challenge, competing against the current club champions, building up your experience as you progress through the arduous club tournaments and aim to try and reach out for the Gold, maybe even then getting the chance to head over to the Mushroom Kingdom and play against many familiar Nintendo characters! Your character and the clubs you use are yours for the moulding, so make sure you stay for the duration as you 'battle' on courses that include deserts, beautiful beaches and dense forests.

Screenshot for Mario Golf: Advance Tour on Game Boy Advance

To make the experience all the more appealing, the graphics are amazing

Screenshot for Mario Golf: Advance Tour on Game Boy Advance

In addition, there is the four-player link-up that no longer requires a game cable. Yes, that is indeed correct, Advance Tour is one of the first titles to utilise Nintendo's new wireless adaptor for the GBA, so four friends can get together without the bother of annoying wires all over. Whilst the adaptor is to be bundled with the game in Japan, though, it has been announced that this will not be the case in the US, and most likely Europe as well, which is a shame. Let us just hope that enough people buy Pok

Screenshot for Mario Golf: Advance Tour on Game Boy Advance

Final Thoughts

With amazing graphics, typically Nintendo-style tunes, gameplay that anyone can appreciate and the great link-up opportunities between the GBA and GC to unlock hidden features and transfer characters from one version to the other, as well as playing against three other friends without the need for pesky cables, Mario Golf: Advance Tour is a sure-fire winner and up there as a contender for GBA game of the year, undoubtedly, alongside the wonderful Metroid: Zero Mission!









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