Rayman DS (Nintendo DS) Preview

By Nick Cheesman 28.02.2005

You have to wonder how long it takes to port a game from the N64 to the DS, as Ubi Soft have been pretty busy lately pushing Rayman DS' release back and back, missing the US and Japanese launch. But luckily we Europeans will get it at the DS' beginning, however the fact remains, just what were Ubi Soft up to? Not a lot really.

That is of course a little harsh, as this isn't just Rayman 2: the Great Escape on the DS with absolutely no extras. The new multiplayer mode that takes place in 2D and supports download play (So you only require one game cartridge for four people to play) has been given some new elements to it to benefit a repurchase of this game.

However many may be confused as to why Rayman has no limbs. The answer to this is unknown to all, although maybe it was to cut corners on development time, but nonetheless, Rayman is the hero who is set to take on Captain Razorbeard's evil pirate forces and free the good people who the captain has enslaved. The game begins with Rayman locked away in a cell, however thanks to convenient pot (Or plot cross out where necessary) hole, both he and the huge blue Globox manage to escape imprisonment and become the world's last hope.

Sadly Rayman DS falls into the trap of not using the second screen at all, (However by no means is it not an obligation to always use the second screen) simply placing the health bar, Lum tallies, prisoners freed, and a blue vortex graphic onto the touch screen. Which all in all, feels like a bit of a cop out and leaves the top screen to show all the gameplay. Although like Super Mario 64 DS, the bottom screen can also be used to control the camera which has plagued many a platformer over the years.

The 45 levels on offer vary from the usual mix of deep underwater worlds, forests full of cascading waterfalls and pirate hideouts, which will require some Splinter Cell skills to take out. The characters themselves still retain the usual definition, whether it is Murphy's amazing large grin, or Rayman's pretty huge nose. The character voices will remain in the Banjo-Kazooie scheme of thinking with strange honking and noises replacing actual words, but really it isn't Rayman without it.

Final Thoughts

Although a completely new Rayman game would have been more appreciated (But we are getting a new a GBA version), Rayman 2 on the N64 was a great game and this is a port that we certainly do not mind seeing. We already know the single player will still be as fun as ever and hopefully the multiplayer will allow those who already played the game on the N64 to find something new.


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I still don't know why this never made it to Paris - I would have loved to have a go on it, since the N64 version was superb! The recent video clip we had on C3 showed some promising touch-screen control as well...

Adam Riley [ Director :: Cubed3 ]

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Getting this on launch day

XBL Gamertag: James2t3

Looks excellent to me, but the whole 'port' idea smells a bit like Mario 64 DS, which I didn't enjoy as much as I should.

Trying to think of a witty signature after 'Hacker-gate'...

hmmmm, i think you rated it a bit high personally.....

I love Rayman....tis a great game


The second version was indeed amazing, and that is why I am so hyped up about it! The reason I gave it is a 5, is because it is one of the only third party DS games that doesn't seem to ave any DS teething problems. Plus multiplayer, woo!


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