Enter The Matrix (GameCube) Preview

By James Temperton 09.03.2003

For a film that has been dubbed: 'The biggest leap in cinema since the colour projection was instigated' Enter The Matrix has a hard act to follow. As you can see form the screens, the developers are doing a fine job. The whole thing is very polished and has that certain Matrix feel that so many other games have tried to copy and fail. With this game exsisting alongside the movies, but jolting off at angles whenever it pleases, it is able to use major plot points to make the whole thing flow and tap into the way of the movies better. When you control the character they move with remarkable ease and the number of moves and tricks on offer has to be seen to be belived, so go on then, take a look.....

Of course, if the game does all the above well it would be a bit of a one trick poney, but it does everything well, and thats what makes it so damn impressive. All the characters in the game have been lovingly modeled on their real life counterparts, via the use of a motion capture system. The advantages of this are numerous; their bodies move better and you get a sense that you are them, and not just somone with a controler. The fight scenes are intense to say the least, with pieces of walls flying arond all over the place as you run and flip your way to what you hope will be victory.

Screenshot for Enter The Matrix on GameCube

This game is clearly a labour of love, with so much effort being put in, it would be criminal if it didn't work out. All the voices are done by the real cast, and it is all totally in synch. The costumes have been designed by the person who did the same thing on the film, and ever decision has to be passed through the creative eyes of the Wachiski-whatever brothers.

Screenshot for Enter The Matrix on GameCube

This is very much how games in this vein should be done. All the resources available from the movie are being used, and the two projects are both being developed in conjunction with one another.

If cool were to be personified, this game would fit the bill to perfection. The entire idea is just so appealing that it just oozes with ideas.

Screenshot for Enter The Matrix on GameCube

One final thing, and how about this for an idea. The developers are going to let you hack into the game! This will work, by you, like a true computer nut, sitting there trying to crack the system, and get your way through the matrix in order to gain access to deliberate mistakes in the games code. This will mean you can change the way in which the game works, the only problem being, it is a damn hard code to crack...

Screenshot for Enter The Matrix on GameCube

Final Thoughts

Whilst you're not going to get an amazing and inventive gaming experience, what you are going to get is a prime example of how to do a film to game conversion well. Everything is here, and it is all very polished and solid. There is no doubt that every effort has been put into making this game as good as possible. There will always be sceptics, some might say that it dosn't do enough outside of the movie, and thats a fair point; but does it need to? The thing is this is a great attempt at doing everthing right, and that should be praised.









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