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By Stuart Lawrence 25.06.2011

Review for Xenoblade Chronicles on Wii

Monolith Soft’s Xenoblade received much acclaim upon its release in Japan last year, with many celebrating it as the greatest JRPG of this console generation. Nintendo of Europe have announced that they will be releasing the title as Xenoblade Chronicles across the continent later in 2011, but Cubed3 played a little of the upcoming RPG at London MCM Expo.

Xenoblade Chronicles’ MCM demo was either very long, or was the completed title, as it never came to an end. Playing as main character Shulk, with his friend Rein hanging by his side, I set off just outside the first city, exploring while the game pointed me towards a checkpoint. Never mind that, though; I decided to go and battle some monsters.

One refreshing thing about Xenoblade Chronicles is that, unlike most RPGs, monsters don’t usually just randomly attack you, and you can just select any enemy to attack. In battle, your main character can attack normally, with your party characters attacking randomly themselves, or direct your attacks on one enemy. Your character has a range of special attacks to choose from, such as Shulk’s varying sword slashes, along with a focus energy-type move, a healing move and defence-breaking move to boot. After using one of these commands, the energy for that attack is depleted and has to build up again. Once you kill an enemy a treasure-filled chest appears for you to thrust your gold digging hands into, the contained items usable outside of battles.

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The areas are vast and there was no loading when I entered the town; some areas do have loading times, but they’re barely noticeable at only one or two seconds a time - seriously. In some areas you can jump from cliffs to take a shortcut with a massive lake 200 metres below. The graphics are great - despite playing it on a big screen that showed up a lot of jaggies - and the game runs very smoothly.

Xenoblade Chronicles is very cutscene heavy if this play test was anything to go by, with 14 story segments during my hour of play time alone. The story seems to be good so far, but the English voice acting ranges from okay to nigh on terrible, with some characters saying out of place things during battle. It is passable, but I’ll just say that I’m glad they’ve included the Japanese audio with subtitles.

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Final Thoughts

Xenoblade Chronicles is definitely a game to look forward to towards the end of the year, and may be a contender for Wii game of the year. After a break from RPGs with titles like Disaster: Day of Crisis, Xenoblade Chronicles looks to prove that Monolith Soft are back to doing what they do best.

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I can't wait for this game. Smilie Really looking forward to it, though nothing can beat Skyward Sword for me. Smilie

I just saw something Xenoblade related and thought it's worth mentioning here especially for American C3 readers. There's a campaign called Operation Rainfall which plans to get NoA to release Xenoblade, The Last Story and Pandora's Tower in the US. That includes flooding them with letters, pre-ordering Xenoblade (called Monado, which is currently 3rd in the Top 100 charts) on Amazon.com, e-mails, calling them and liking/following them on Facebook/Twitter. If you live in the US and want one of those games to come out there, join them and help spread the word!

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I think that Xenoblade has a good chance of beating Zelda SirLink Smilie ... I'm really looking forward to this, and I also hope we get The Last Story.

I also feel that all the Nintendo's of the world should release every Nintendo game/game on a Nintendo machine - no matter what. End off.

I also believe that reggie should go. He is a talker and I firmly believe that the time for talk is over. Its time for acting!

( Edited 29.05.2013 19:00 by Guest )

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I would love some wii games like this to be remade for wii U. HD collections like the PS3. This, last story, fragile would all look beautiful in HD with no jaggies. Although fragile dreams could do with some major tweaks in the gameplay department

( Edited 29.05.2013 19:00 by Guest )

This would be maginificent in HD, it already looks an FFX with a massive draw distance to boot, and if this was in stereoscopic 3D as well as HD, it would look bloody well awesome.

( Edited 29.05.2013 19:00 by Guest )

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Its just really stupid that nintendo have not announced any of these big titles. Even if they dont sell that well when you have a weak line up.

1: releasing a new handheld doesnt excuse you to neglect your current home console. Not everyone is interested in handhelds, and your handheld had a rubbish line up anyway so thats a double f*** up.

2: Announcing Zelda and Kirby along with mini and party games doesnt count as a respectable line up

3. occassionally Listening to fans and giving them what they want even if not the greatest economical move has long term advantage and strengthens loyalty.

4 Your system has no RPGs so you should release too well reviewed ones just because

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Xeno :D (guest) 26.06.2011#6

I have played through both, Xenoblade and Last Story and i have to say: Both of the games are unique in their own ways...and they have one thing in common: they are a blast!!! I am a JRPG lover, and i enjoyed going through these uniquely crafted worlds and stories. If i have to choose, which one is my favourite, i would say without hestitation: Xenoblade!!! This game rocks so hard, i dont know where to start. The Music, in my opinion, is one of the finest tunes i have heard in years! Fitting the atmosphere perfectly, either if u fighting a screenfilling Boss or just exploring the beautifull and insanely huge landscapes. Xenoblade lets u explore the environment, u feel so free unlike any other jrpg i can think of. U can jump off hundred meters heigh cliffs into incredibly huge lakes...and whatever place u can see on the map u can reach it. It just make lots of fun to take a break from the main quest, and just see what u can find in hidden caves or ruins. This magical Zelda feeling is present in this game Smilie Then the Story: OMG, i love the characters and the story! There are so much unforeseen turns and twist, so much dramatic scenes, just EPIC! This Game is not about the graphics, its about the whole Atmoshphere u can dive into and easily fill more that 80 hours playtime if u want to have a superb equipment and fulfill all the sidequests. For me Xenoblade is THE definitive JRPG for the wii (and maybe this whole Console Generation).

tendoboy1984 (guest) 26.06.2011#7

We don't get this game in America... Smilie

Still hoping we either get a Wii release over here... or Nintendo has the common sense to move it to Wii U and have it as a launch window game.

Thank you Sir Link!!!!! Man I hope we Yanks don't get left out of the JRPG love!!

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