Viewtiful Joe 2 (Hands On) (GameCube) Preview

By Alexi Messeramo 14.05.2004

The brief: more of the same please! VJ on the GameCube was an amazing title, and is perhaps one of the very best to appear on the Nintendo system to date. The sequel looks to build on all of this with some new moves, new ideas and other odds and sods.

This time round the game allows you to play as either Joe or Silvia, both of whom have their own styles and ways in the game. The game is just about the same as the original in terms of gameplay, it is superbly fast-paced and fluid and the action never stops!

Screenshot for Viewtiful Joe 2 (Hands On) on GameCube

Joe has all the moves from the first game in the demo, whereas the all new Silvia (the damsel in distress you have to rescue in the first game) comes with all new kicks and punches...sort of. This girl doesn't punch, she doesn't slap, but she shoots from a gun, she also structures VFX moves differently to Joe.

Screenshot for Viewtiful Joe 2 (Hands On) on GameCube

All the old faces are here to be kicked into submission, along with a fairly large catalogue of new and even more strange/camp enemies. This time round the game asks you to think a bit more, you have to employ a lot less button-bashing to get any success this time around, meaning you have to come up with strategies for each individual foe. Some have guns, some have specific weak spots, some have shields and others can only be damaged by some of your most viewtiful moves.

Screenshot for Viewtiful Joe 2 (Hands On) on GameCube

Once again this game is one tough cookie, but it plays like a dream and we loved out time with it. All the signs are very good indeed, and those of you that loved the original are sure to love this just as much, maybe even more.

Screenshot for Viewtiful Joe 2 (Hands On) on GameCube

Final Thoughts

We're hugely impressed by this title. Not only does it look great, but it sounds and plays like a dream too. The two-player aspect adds a totally new dimension to the whole game, and we can't wait to play this one some more!









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