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By Eric Ace 06.03.2015

Review for Vector Thrust (Hands-On) on PC

Vector Thrust is a combat flight simulator developed by TimeSymmetry and published by Iceberg Interactive meant to be a throwback to the 1990s when these games were very popular, but this game looks to be able to hang with some of the big boys of the genre. Cubed3 was lucky enough to get some early hands-on time with the game to see how it is coming together.

Vector Thrust is a combat flight simulator game, and for those that like this type of game they will be immediately familiar with the gameplay, whereas those that don't like flying games will not like this one. The primary appeal of this is its unique cel-graphics, which look really good on the jets and sun glares look perfect, while the ground looks impressive from far away but a bit rough when getting up close and personal. The game progresses like nearly all similar titles in this genre, with there being various missions, such as kill the bombers or destroy ground targets. The player picks a plane and weapons, and then heads out. At this point, the campaign is sparse, and there is no story yet. It is a simple 'destroy targets' - not that these games ever have much story, but it usually is something to drive the player on anyway.

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By far the best thing in the early access is the music, which is stunningly good. Some of the early mission songs are quiet and forgettable, but some skirmish and songs later on have the ability to break through gamers' conscience to make them think 'Wow, this is a really good song,' which adds to the flying around action. One other major notable thing is that this game seems to have a heavy emphasis on one-on-one fights. They are much, much harder than others in the genre, which is fine, but there is a weird balance that a one-on-ones can last a long time, yet the mission countdown presses on as if the enemies can be steam rolled, which they often are not.

Screenshot for Vector Thrust (Hands-On) on PC

Final Thoughts

Vector Thrust is a new jet game which promises to be good, and the music is already great. Definitely watch this game if a fan of the genre as it steps up the one-on-one difficulty, and the music and new art style are welcome. There are a few problems to be fleshed out, such as hopefully there will be an actual story to the campaign, and that the one-on-ones to overall mission balance gets fixed, yet the game is enjoyable and the developer seems to be listening to feedback from fans, so this is definitely one to keep an eye on.









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