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By Luna Eriksson 03.04.2015

Review for Krinkle Krusher (Hands-On) on PlayStation 4

The krinkles have awoke from their slumber due to the strong smell of food during the festival and they have an extreme craving for the tasty treats. To stop their march, a wizard has to resort to his trusty glove to assist him in his task to save the day in this defender game. Will the krinkles be defeated or will the festival get interrupted by their hunger for cake?

The wizard and his glove must protect the festival from the greedy krinkles that plague Krinkle Krusher with their hunger. To do this, the glove must defeat the monsters using powerful magic given through rings found throughout the game, with abilities ranging from fire walls to ice blocks that cross the path of the hungry krinkles.

The story in Krinkle Krusher is whimsical at best, but there is some pleasing comedic touches to be found in its dialogue. There are several references found within that are filled with geek humour, ranging from things taken from the world of Tolkien to the DC Universe, so there are also plenty of references to be found.

The gameplay could best be described as a tower defence title, except without the towers. The only way to interact with the krinkles is through the magic bestowed upon the glove by its rings. The effect for each ring is unique and can be upgraded by crystals earned by scoring three stars on a stage. The appeal is in its simplicity. There is no need to do advanced tower setups, like in normal titles in the genre, and it creates a relaxing, yet hectic experience that does not grow dull.

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The pace in which new elements are introduced throughout the entire game is also extremely well planned, which makes the experience feel continuously fresh. With all that said, though, the gameplay is pretty simple and the difficulty level does not seem to reach any high levels, which might end up being a bore to some. Not even trying to score three stars on a level is too difficult a task.

However, Krinkle Krusher does a great job with what it attempts. It is an easily accessible, pick-up-and-play title that will be shallow fun for a couple of hours. Sometimes, a game does not need to be more than that, and when looking for simple humour and fun, easily accessible gameplay, Krinkle Krusher might just be ideal. It is by no means as deep as other tower defence games but it is still fun to play in its simplicity.

Screenshot for Krinkle Krusher (Hands-On) on PlayStation 4

Final Thoughts

Krinkle Krusher might not be a tease for people looking for a deep and complex tower defence title as it lacks most of the strategic elements usually found within its genre. In its simplicity, though, it instead turns into an easily accessible and fun experience that anyone can enjoy. The game comes with its own high score system to keep refining if gamers want to push their limits. However, it is worth noting that to get 100% in Krinkle Krusher is not going to be too difficult a task. If looking for a complex tower defence experience, there are better contenders, but for short, sharp blasts, this will be great for many.


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I wish I have enough money to purchase this but currently my situation is not so good


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