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By Thom Compton 09.01.2016

Review for Blacksea Odyssey on PC

2015 saw an alarming realisation reach the consciousness of gamers everywhere. Kickstarter isn't a store. It is an investment, and it doesn't have a lot of the legal ramifications normal investments have. A high amount of them, just last year alone, resulted in a lot of angry backers due to lack of transparency when issues arise. All the same, many of them do succeed due to a realistic scope and constant clarity with the backers, without whom the project would either be highly delayed or never came to fruition at all. Just one look at Blacksea Odyssey's Kickstarter and it's easy to see that the team seems to know very well how to keep in contact with its funders. How is the game looking, though?

This is shaping up to be something very distinct. While it is a traditional game, in terms of being a twin-stick shooter, it brings some really interesting things to the table. One of the most important points Blacksea Odyssey's presentation. While the opening cinematic is a little traditional and dull, once the game breaks out, it becomes a pretty experience. Technicolour 3D-looking rocks litter the predominately black playing field, and it looks stunning - the perfect mixture of minimalism and deep colours.

As it stands, though, the title is somewhat empty. While the player coasts around, slaying enemies as they approach, that's about it. Being in pre-alpha, this makes sense, and is perfectly fine, but it is worth mentioning, in case a gamer wants a giant in-depth demo.

Screenshot for Blacksea Odyssey on PC

The primary weapon is the harpoon, and it's a mixed bag of weapon of ease and cumbersome weapon that could easily be replaced with a lead club. It works really well if the enemy is distanced, and requires enough time to launch a second or third attack. However, for close-quarters combat, it's incredibly rough and bulky.

For a pre-alpha build, the game holds up as more of a proof of concept, and it's very well done. Early Access games tend to lean more on the broken and messy side, and Blacksea Odyssey dodges that by being truly enjoyable. It stands to reason the edges need buffing, and perhaps much more content placed in between those edges to ensure the finished product is well worth playing.

Screenshot for Blacksea Odyssey on PC

Final Thoughts

Blacksea Odyssey is less of a demo than a playable trailer. It's still fun, even if it's just a bare bones skeleton of what is to come. It will be nice to see how both the game, and its Kickstarter performance, continues to progress leading up to the final release. Until then, the pre-alpha build is more than enjoyable enough to kill some time waiting on other downloads.


Blacksea Odyssey


Blacksea Odyssey





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I hope the price of this game is within my budget

This game is so hard!


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