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By Ian Soltes 04.05.2016

Review for RWBY: Grimm Eclipse on PC

RWBY was a surprising success for an online show. Not because of some doubt as to its quality (it was made by the same people who made Red vs. Blue and Dead Fantasy), but rather because it would attempt to fool otaku into thinking it came from Japan despite all that. Full of enjoyable characters as well as some very good fight scenes (neither of which is surprising), a video game based on such a show seems like a near-slam dunk.

Taking the form of an action brawler similar to titles like the Samurai Warriors series, RWBY: Grimm Eclipse (the acronym is the team codename for main characters Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang), is fairly straightforward and honest to the source material. The show has already had both epic confrontations against super-strong foes as well as battles against large hordes of Grimm, so adapting it into a brawler seems as natural as making Yu-Gi-Oh! into a card-playing video game.

The game in its current form focuses on taking the members of the team through a single mission consisting of several parts, with many of the standard trappings for this sort of genre. Namely, a bunch of small guys who can be easily bested, a few guys with more HP or specialized attacks, and a few boss types. Each stage of the mission also has sequences in which a specific challenge is presented that must be overcome, such as protecting a particular object.

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One thing of note is that, unlike others in this genre, the enemies can actually be durable and damaging, meaning messing up can really hurt! In the protection missions, this can make the action even more tense, since a team of four can still end up having their ward damaged simply because they couldn't kill a particularly powerful Grimm or one of the annoying burrowing Grimm before it hit the object. This is actually sort of a good thing, as it encourages both teamwork (having someone guard while another mops up weaklings and another focuses on the big guys) and keeps complacency down.

The best part about the game, however, is its graphics. RWBY has a very distinct visual style even for something that wouldn't normally be expected to be that strong visually. Not only do the characters look very much like their show counterparts, but even small details, like rose petals when Ruby dodges, are apparent and should be at least admired.

It isn't quite all roses, however, as some things still need work. For one, there is a distinct lack of team JNPR, along with other series characters like Penny. Hopefully this will be fixed in the final version, along with adding in RWBY's great soundtrack and other such things.

Screenshot for RWBY: Grimm Eclipse on PC

Final Thoughts

RWBY: Grimm Eclipse feels like it's on a knife's edge at the moment. That it's going to be an interesting game is not terribly in doubt, but it could easily teeter between being a bland brawler with only its unique art style to keep it afloat and being a solid addition to the franchise. Its future is undefined but promising, and it will hopefully be a faithful adaptation of the show.


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I REALLY wish they had 'I Burn' play when I picked Yang.


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