Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice (Nintendo 3DS) Preview

By Drew Hurley 09.09.2016

Review for Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice on Nintendo 3DS

Since 1991 when Sonic first hit consoles, SEGA's blue speedster has been through a ton of versions and changes: from the classic 2D titles of the 16-bit era, to the superb Adventure titles on Dreamcast; from sword-wielding to warehogs; from battling Mario in the Olympic Games to throwing down with the Nintendo elite in Smash Bros. This sapphire speedster has had a hell of a journey and returns now in Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice on Nintendo 3DS.

Most recently, Sonic has been back in action with the Sonic Boom series. With two titles and a cartoon series already under its belt, the Boom line is not slowing down. Now a new addition in this series sees Sonic and friends return to once again try and stop the plans of Dr. Eggman, along with a brand new villain in the form of D-fekt. Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice for Nintendo 3DS sees a return to the classic 2D style that made the classic Sonic titles so popular in the first place.

Screenshot for Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice on Nintendo 3DS

There's more than just the fast-paced speeding through 2D stages here, though, as there are new mini-games and plenty of fresh mechanics to keep things interesting. The titular Fire and Ice play a big part, too. Sonic is surrounded by an aura of Fire or Ice, which can be switched with the shoulder buttons. In ice mode, water can be frozen to run along, while in fire, Sonic can melt his way through ice blocks in his path. It's not just about Sonic, however, as Tails, Knuckles, and Sticks are all back and, this time, are joined by Amy. Each character can be switched between at will, and all have a special move that helps the team get through each stage.

Screenshot for Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice on Nintendo 3DS

Final Thoughts

After a lukewarm response to previous titles in the Sonic Boom series from fans, can Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice be the one to turn it around? So far, so good, with all signs pointing towards an improved experience overall, with Sonic and friends putting in a good showing, with some intriguing new ideas at play. Coming out at the end of this month, stick with Cubed3 for the full review in a couple of weeks from now.






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