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By Drew Hurley 24.09.2016

Review for Farpoint on PlayStation 4

Just like when the 3DS hit, it's difficult to convey exactly how it feels to play on the PlayStation VR, or indeed any 3D headset. Luckily, Sony is taking the new device on a tour across the UK this month. Before that, though, attendees at EGX had the chance to experience this potential next step in gaming. Is the world of Virtual Reality one that everyone should be eagerly waiting to jump into?

The VR booths were packed and there were a few different games to try. Cubed3 was lucky enough to try out an FPS named Farpoint. The assistant on the booth, who was tasked with plugging players in, explained this as "You're on an alien planet, killing spiders." Simple enough, right? Then the headset and headphones went in and it was a case of actually being in that world. Honestly, it was unbelievable: total immersion. Looking around what moments before was the small VR booth and appreciating the depth of vision is mind blowing.

Screenshot for Farpoint on PlayStation 4

There's no strange effect like 3D, either, where it may take some people a few moments to adapt to, and worry not glasses wearers, as this fits comfortably with glasses and has no issues in the display stakes. The demo was made up of a number of stages across this rocky alien world, where at first just little spiders were popping out and charging. These eventually upgraded to bigger and stronger spiders that would take a little more ammo to take out. Luckily, a few more weapons were on hand as the game progressed. The move controllers were held in the new PSVR Aim gun controller; the headset identified it and accurately mapped it to the gun equipped in game, with the ability to examine the gun through the headset, lifting it in front of eyes giving the ability to aim through the viewfinder.

Screenshot for Farpoint on PlayStation 4

Final Thoughts

Virtual Reality has been a promised future of gaming for a very long time. Now, it is finally taking the first steps into that future. It's a very exciting time and with a technology so filled with promise, what comes next cannot come soon enough, especially if this first-person shooter, Farpoint, is anything to go by.


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